Among all the foods and products which are healthy for our bodies and overall health, probably the healthiest and one of the most important ones is the ginger. It is both beneficial and natural.

The ginger is able to cure migraines, inflammation, and literally everything in between those two because of its antioxidant properties. The ginger is an Indian herb which is part of every cuisine around the world nowadays and is used as a remedy too.

Brew Your Own Ale For Pain

Brew Your Own Ale For Pain

The ginger is considered a strong health advocate thanks to the high content in the following antioxidants – beta carotene, gingerols, capsaicin, curcumin, caffeic acid and salicylate. It is also filled with many other healthy compounds such as carbs, fiber, calcium, potassium and Vitamin B6.

This is why we have comprised a list for you containing all the remaining benefits that the ginger offers:

  • Treat your digestive issues – the ginger contains phenolic compounds, which is excellent in dealing with any digestive issues, bloating, irritations and so on. It also stimulates the saliva and bile production which assist the processing of the food. The ginger fixes your constipation issues and balances the flora of the stomach.
  • Cures the nausea – you are suffering from a frequent nausea or vomiting issues, the ginger can take care of all that. A bit below we have a recipe that will help you deal with any discomfort of this kind and it is a remedy good for pregnant women and cancer patients.
  • It can fight off inflammation – because of its anti inflammatory properties and analgesic properties, the ginger can prevent any inflammation from taking over the body. The ginger has proven to significantly eradicate all inflammation inside the colon within only a month. Also, it effectively treats osteoarthritis.
  • Relieve your pain – the University of Georgia conducted a study that proved the ginger and its ability to neutralize muscle pain by whooping 25 percent. It can also help with menstrual cramps in 83% of the cases.
  • Prevent a cold and a flu – by making a ginger tea, you can enable your immunity to boost by itself in an amazing way and prevent any indicatons of the flu or the cold. Make sure you drink two to three cups of ginger tea within a day, and if you want the best results for yourself, drink the first cup on an empty stomach.

How to make a Ginger Ale?

For the ingredients, you are going to need two cups of peeled and chopped ginger, some raw honey, four cups of water, a bit of sparkling water, two juiced limes, and some lime wedge for garnish.

For the preparation part, first boil the four glasses of water in a small pot, and then add the ginger to the pot and make sure you reduce the heat to medium low. Then, let the ginger stay like that for about five minutes.

Second, set the pot aside and strain it. Combine one part of the ginger water with three parts of sparkling water, and throw in a few ice cubes in there. Third, add the raw honey, or the lime juice just to upgrade the remedy and then drink up!