You are probably already aware that you should consume leafy greens such as kale and spinach in your every day meals. But, what about the group of leafy greens that no one pays any attention to? Yes, there is another group of greens which your brain can benefit most of, and it is the herbs!

They are nutrient dense greens, which are normally considered to be nothing more than a condiment, oh, but they are so more than that. The fresh herbs are used in all the common recipes we know and love, even in salads, smoothies, and as a topping.

Brain Health

Brain Health

They will furthermore benefit you if you are suffering from any type of ailment, anything from a digestive issue to anxiety problems. They can protect your heart and brain and by that enhance your logevity.

This is why in addition we give you the 10 herbs which you can find in a fresh form at the supermarket or just grow them in your own home. Each and every one of them can do wonders for you, believe us!

  • Rosemary – it has been used for hundreds of years now because it has calming properties which reduce the symptoms of anxiety. It is usually used in main entrées of dinner meals, such as on Thanksgiving and so on. It contains powerful compounds which will make you focus, and maintain the sense of strength and vitality. This is a herb that originally comes from the Mediterranean and is a great source of Vitamin B6 and calcium. The rosemary is a member of the mint group of plants, providing aid for the digestive system and the heart.
  • Mint – how many times have you popped in a mint chewing gum or a piece of mint while you were out in the day? This is all normal, because aside its freshness, the mint can relieve you from stress and help you focus. The better option here would be the fresh mint, of course. Any supermarket that sells herbs is the place where you can find fresh peppermint or spearmint. The mint can furthermore boost your sense of happiness. It can even soothe your stomach or head, if you are in pain. It makes up a great addition for fruit salads and chocolates.
  • Basil – technically, this is another member of the mint family. But, it has a more earthy and herb flavor, much different than the one of the mint. This is the sole reason why the basil and the mint have such different purposes and can be found in very different dishes. What they equally provide is health benefits for the brain. The basil is a well known herb which can bring calmness to your day. It can even boost your sexual urge for it has been a proven aphrodisiac for many years now. The basil can combat several infections too. Keep in mind that it is a strong herb, so if you are using it in your dish, start by putting a few leaves in. It works very nicely in everything, from a fruit salad to a smoothie, a soup or any dish of your liking.
  • Parsley – the all natural relaxing, anti-stress herb, filled with Vitamin C is the parsley. It is also rich in chlorophyll, which is the compound that gives this herb this vibrant green color and anti inflammatory properties. It is also used in dishes in order to uplift the spirits and sharpen the focus and attention of a person. The parsley is furthermore an excellent source of Vitamin K, which improves the blood flow to the brain, improving the overall function of the brain. Add it in a breakfast meal, salad, soup, smoothie, literally anywhere you want.
  • Cilantro – this is a lively and bright herb is particularly revitalizing and energizing. It boosts the detox which the liver does, and naturally lowers the levels of stress in the body, enhancing a healthy well being. This herb belongs in the plant family along with the carrots, parsley and celery, making it excellent for reducing the water weight and fighting against too much sodium in the body. Because it is filled with Vitamin C, just like the parsley, the cilantro is a natural stress reliever. It can be used in any dish, whether sweet or savory.
  • Oregano – it is an ancient herb which is believed to bring happiness, calmness and focus to whichever dish it is added to. It is a common remedy for depression, and it successfully reduces anxiety because of its high content in Vitamin B6. It is a natural source of magnesium and chlorophyll, the two important nutrients for happiness and calmness. The oregano can be used as a digestive aid because it enhances the process of relaxation and reduces the acidity within the digestive tract. This is one of the main reasons it is added to plenty of dishes, especially Italian ones.
  • Sage – this herb is not only used to prepare some delicious holiday meals, it is quite the powerful food for the health of the brain too. It just may be one of the best brain foods there are, including some other health benefits, such as lowering the symptoms of depression, anxiety, menopause, and promoting relief from the stress and increasing relaxation. You can buy the ground form of it, but if you stumble across some fresh sage, do not let it pass you by, buy it immediately. It is even said that the fresh sage can enhance wisdom, making it the perfect herb for when you are studying and processing information, for it sharpens your focus.
  • Tarragon – the tarragon is filled with brain boosting compounds, and it combats stress in order to enhance the vitality of the body. Throughout the history it has been used as a sedative, much like the sage has been used, for they have very similar properties. As an addition to all of this, the tarragon also aids digestion and improves the flow of the blood, which is something that aids to your vitality too. Unfortunately, this herb is not used as much, except in the French cuisine, but it is very delicious. You can add it to whichever dish you like, sweet or savory, for it fits perfectly anywhere!
  • Thyme – this is a herb which is loved by a lot of people. It is packed with anti aging properties and health benefits for your brain. It is used to aid digestion, a very important thing if you want to keep your mind and mood elevated. Just one whiff of the thyme is enough to promote a sense of calmness and happiness. You can even take the thyme and steep it in hot water with lemon in order to boost your sense of focus, in a similar way as the cinnamon. Remember, the fresh version is better than the dried one, and when you have it in your home, feel free to add it to just about any dish.
  • Marjoram – this herb has similar properties to the oregano, and because of it, it is used a lot in the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. It is a member of the mint group, and comes with the same benefits as the other members of this group. It is a powerful herb which can enhance your focus, increase your sense of vitality, and bring calmness into your day. Note that this is a powerful herb, so use it moderately. It is also not very easy to find in a fresh form, so you can always substitute it with a dried form of it.

Like all the other greens, these amazing herbs come with a lot of secret health benefits which will do your brain and your body much good. Each and every one of these herbs will aid your digestion, improve your mood, skin, cardiovascular function, and will reduce the inflammation as well as the high blood pressure. This is why you have to make sure they are present in your day to day dieting plan.