Nowadays, people are becoming more aware about the food they consume and they are trying to create better habits for a healthier lifestyle. This is especially in the case of the Americans.

Those who are more health conscious tend to replace the eggs and the meat with tofu, because they are encuraged to do so by the soy industry.

Brain Damage

Brain Damage

The soy idustry is making people believe that this is the best option for their health, when it is not. The food processors do a separation of the soy into protein and oil, and in any dictionary, this is not safe for consumption.

When these methods are implemented, the food goes under high pressure and temperature, acid baths, alkali, carcinogenic and toxic residues and petroleum solvents. These, still unfinished products contain trypsin and phytates – the first one blocks the digestion and the second one blocks the absopbtion of minerals.

There are some health issues that are associated with a high soy diet. In the following sentence are some of them. Reproductive disorders, soy allergies, cancer, damage to the brain, premature puberty, developmental issues in infants and children, and thyroid problems, including fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, libido loss, lethargy and malaise.

Note that the children who are still developing, and the babies are more succeptible to the effects the soy can bring. For an example, if an infant is fed with soy formula, based on the body weight, recieves the estrogenic equivalent of five birth control pills.

This is why mothers should not give soy to their babies and children and pregnant women should definitely avoid these products too.

The consumption of soy products in connected to various health issues, including allergies, osteoporosis, early puberty, brain damage, heart disease, breast cancer, hypothyroidism and more.

And the consumption of the unfermented soy can  lead to other issues, such as malnutrition, digestive distress, loss of libido, endometriosis, reproductive issues and immune system disfunction.

There are more groups targeted for unwanted results, other than the people who have decided to start a high soy diet. Among them are the vegetarians, the infants who are fed with the soy formula and mid life women who have turned to soy products believing that they can ease their symptoms of the menopause.

But, despite all of this, there are some safe ways to consume soy. Here they are:

  • The soy sauce – even though there are plenty of soysauces available on the market, they are all made with artifical compounds and through a chemical process. But, the traditional soy sauce contains fermented soybeans, salt and enzymes.
  • The miso – this is a fermented soybean paste with a buttery and salty texture.
  • The natto – this is the best variety of the soy, and the best source of Vitamin K2 – on the planet! Natto, as all the other safe soy products, is made out of fermented soybeans, but has a sticky texture and a cheese like flavor. In contains several beneficial bacterial factors, and contains a potent blood thinner, nattokinase. This is a product you can easily find in an Asian store.
  • The tempeh – the last one is a fermented soy cake with a mushroom flavor and a firm texture.

Final summation – avoid all products that contain soy ingredients, including the soy milk, soy ice cream, soy burgers, soy cheese, soy energy bars and soy protein powders. Simply focus on eating whole, natural, unprocessed and fermented foods instead, and you will preserve your health.