The most important part of the day is your morning, and how you will decide to start off your day. It determines whether you lead a quality life or not.

This is why this drink is very important for you, and it is the lemon water. Consuming warm lemon water early in the mornings is a popular habit among a lot of people. This is why.

Boil Lemons in the Evening

Boil Lemons in the Evening

It is so popular, and yet, it does not give you the entire set of benefits you may have from one lemon. Drinking this warm lemon water will not let you take all the nutrients which are embedded in the pulp as well as the peel of the lemon.

If you boil an entire lemon without squeezing out the juice first, you will be left with all the nutrients the lemon has to give you inside that warm liquid mixture. So, the effects of this amazing drink we’re about to enlighten you with will fundamentally increase the benefits of the lemon water.

For the recipe, you will need six lemons, 20 oz. of water and some honey. For the preparation part, what you first need to do is slice up the lemons in half, and then put them in the water.

The pot with the water and lemons should boil for about three minutes, and then put it aside to cool for 10 to 15 minutes. Throw away all the lemons and the pulp from the water, and your drink is prepared.

Consume it while it is still a bit warm. You do not have to drink it all together, you can bottle it up and consume it during the entire day. Remember, the honey in this case is only if you want to enhance the flavor of the drink.

Some of the advantages of consuming this drink are – securing you from common colds, boosting your entire immune system, cleansing your body from numerous contaminants, offering you an unbelievable source of energy, helping your digestion as well as your metabolism, balances the pH levels in your organism.

Furthermore, it refreshes your breath, cleanses your skin and makes it look more beautiful, helps you with your weight loss problem, helps you avoid anxiety and improves your happiness and overall mood, hydrates the lymph system and promotes healing of your overall self.

This is a cup of wellness which will help you start your day not only hydrated, but healthier, filled with energy, more satisfied with yourself and ready to jump right out of bed and get your day started right now.

At last, just remember that you don’t have to reheat the water every time you get up in the morning. It doesn’t matter if you decide to drink it cold or warm, that is up to you, because either way you will get the nutrients within the drink, so enjoy!