This black healing slave was used by Amish people like a natural remedy a many years ago. Now she is very famous and very often used like a skin remedy and to pull out toxins from the body.

This black healing slave is mixture from natural remedies like wax, essential oils, charcoal. Here is one article about her that can read it and learn about his effective removal of skin problem.

Black Healing Salve

Black Healing Salve

She can be used for burn, rashes or other skin problems. It can remove metal or wooden splinter from the skin.

Also is the best way to remove skin tags. You can used it to treat the place of spider or other insect bites. Also you can used to fight against cystic acne.

Maybe you will read somewhere that you can treat skin cancer with this black healing salve but that is not true. Skin cancer is very serious condition and against him you can use Black salve and these two remedies are not the same. You can use it for minor skin issues.

You can prepare black healing salve at home. You will need calendula oil 10 drops, half cup of castor oil, 3 tablespoons from activated charcoal, 2 tablespoons from beeswax, half cup coconut oil, 3 tablespoon of bentonite clay.

Calendula oil is good for skin moisturizing, is antibacterial and helps skin to faster healing. Castor oil can reduce acnes.

Charcoal decreases stinging sensation in case of insect bites and pulls over the toxins from the skin. Beeswax can improve the overall texture. Bentonite clay have simiral benefits like activated charcoal.

Melt the beeswax with a double boiler and then add the calendula oil. Use some big bowl to mix essential oils with bentonite clay and activated charcoal.

Mix all this ingredients with melted wax. Then pull all this mixture in a glass jar and close it good – airtight. Let it to cool down. Keep it in dark place away from sunlight and she will last for several weeks.

Don’t forget that this kind of salve is contained from natural ingredients like essential oils, beeswax and activated charcoal. The other salve that is used for skin cancer is made from other stronger ingredients which have highly erosive properties.

She contains bloodroot and zinc.