NASA has recently made a discovery that will shock you all! Apparently, everything that has been written in the Bible is true!

One of the most amazing things God had in store for the people happened not long ago to a group of space scientists and astronauts in at Green Belt, Maryland.



This is what happened – as the group of scientists inspected the positions of several space objects, among which the Sun, the Moon, the planets and their positions within 100 and 1000 years . Note that this is a process that is done regularly for the sole purpose of preventing the satellites from colliding with the orbits of some planets.

The orbits must be determined in time in order to prevent interrupting of their course by the space projects.

During the calculations of the computer, a red signal alerted everyone to stop doing what they’re doing because something was wrong. It was either the results or the data.

After the service department intervened, it was concluded by the scientists that somewhere in space there was a missing day in elapsed time!

Well, no one was able to solve this puzzle until one Christian explained how in Sunday school he was taught that the Sun stood still. Nobody believed him, of course, but this man then took the Bible, opened the book of Joshua and suddenly his absurd statement made a lot of sense.

Joshua was surrounded by enemies and was worried that he’d be conquered the second darkness falls. This is why he turned to God and asked him to make the Sun stand still.

So the Bible further wrote that the Sun stood at one place, the Moon swayed around it, and people avenged themselves upon all of their enemies. It was not long after this that the scientists concluded this was the exact missing day.

After examining the computer calculations they found that the missing time was 23 hours and 20 minutes, so it could have not been the full day like in the book of Joshua.

Upon rereading the Bible again, they noticed that it says approximately one day. Even though the Bible was making some sense, there were still another 40 minutes that had to be make up for.

If this was not explained now, it could make serious problems in the far future, about a thousand years from now. But again, the Christian remembered that the Bible said something about the Sun turning backwards.

Of course, no one believed him again, and upon examining the Bible again, they were all proved wrong..again.

Hezekiah was on his death bed when he was payed a visit by the prophet Isaiah, telling him that it is not his time to go just yet. When Hezekiah asked for a sign, it was that the Sun would turn back 10 degrees.

The prophet begged the Lord so the Sun did really turn back for 10 degrees, which is 40 minutes!

So, Joshua’s 23 hours and 20 minutes and Hezekiah’s 10 degrees, or 40 minutes, make up for the entire missing day!