If there is one controversial healthy fat source nowadays, it is definitely the coconut oil, coconut butter and all products deriving from this tropical fruit. Some doctors tell their patients to stay away from it because of the high amount of saturated fat it contains, and some doctors encourage their patients to consume more of it.

Then there are the testimones of the people who have consumed the coconut. Some say that it has done particularly nothing for them, and some claim to have their energy and mood boosted, and decreased weight problems.

Benefits of the Coconut


So what is the bottom line? Should we consume the coconut products or not?

While every person reacts differently to various fat sources, the coconut is one healthy fat food that we definitely urge you to try, and in addition to this, we give you the reasons why.

  • The coconut can boost the function of your liver. Okay, whatever food you choose to overeat will put a strain on your body and throw it out of balance. Well, the benefit of the coconut here is that it can restore the balance in your liver and boost the detox of your body. The great deal about the coconut is when it is consumed moderately, is that once it enters the bloodstream it does not act as a fat storage nor fuel, but boosts the ability of the liver to release the toxins out of the body in a faster manner. As a result, you will get a cleansed body and more energy. Just remember to take it moderately, especially if you are not used to it. Too much of it can overwhelm your system, but you should feel free to take it with any of your meals.
  • The coconut has a high amount of MCTs. Medium chained triglyceride fats are easily absorbed in the body, resulting in a better digestin and elevated mood. The MCT fats also contain ketogenic properties. This means that they improve the way the body uses fat as fuel without havingto expose yourself to a low carb (or ketogenic) dieting plan. Other foods with these properties are the salmon, macadamia nuts, eggs, casein etc. justbear in mind that in order to benefit from the coconut, you need to keep a clean diet. Don’t stuff yourself with processed and junk food, turn to whole foods, fruits and vegetables instead. Add the coconut to your healthy dieting plan and feel the instant results for yourself!
  • Did you know that the coconut is cholesterol free? Unlike the regular butter, the coconut butter contains the same properties, except the cholesterol. It can be consumed by vegans too, so you see why it is a better option for multiple target groups. And for whatever reasons you choose to consume it, you will not go wrong. Why? Because even if your health is at an optimal level, the source of fat that does not contain cholesterol can only do you good. Choosing the coconut butter over the regular butter means that you choose natural fats instead of animal based fats. When you consume the animal based fats, in time many irregularities may occur, such as a poor liver health or a heart disease, and we do not want that to happen. When you choose to consume the coconut butter, remember to be moderate, because it is still high in saturated fats.
  • Consuming coconut can decrease the sugar cravings. Remember that all fats decrease the cravings for sugar because of their unique protein and fiber proportion. Because of these compounds, consuming coconut will not make you turn to sugar for a quick re-fuel of the body. On the contrary, the coconut will boost your satiety level and stabilize your blood sugar levels. If you havea sweettooth, try a tablespoon of coconut butter to stabilize your cravings. You will be surprised of how energetic and healthy you will feel!
  • Here is what you actually wanted to hear – yes, the coconut oil encourages healthy weight loss. What makes the cocnut amazing is that it is not a prescription for a quick weight loss. Its richness in healthy fats promotes a long-term decrease of your body weight. A certain way to do it is to add a tablespoon of coconut butter to your meals, three times within a day. This may seem as much, but is actually the proper amount of fats your body requires in order to maintain its work at an optimal level. You can also replace some of your oils or butter with a coconut version of them if you think you are consuming too many calories daily.

You do not have to be on a low carb diet in order to feel the results. Consue sources of healthy fats in moderation.

Besides the coconut, here are some other foods that you can include in your diet: olives, salmon, flax and chia seeds, raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, brazil and macadamia nuts, avocados, pecans, cashews, walnuts, durian and acai fruit, cacao,dark chocolate, hemp and sesame seeds, and of course olive oil, but in moderation.

One important tip you always have to have on your mind is when you are picking out your healthy fats, go for the raw and cold-pressed option. It will provide you with much more benefits than the heated fats.

Great coconut products you have to include in your dietary plan are the coconut butter, coconut shreds, unrefined coconut oil and the coconut meat. Feel free to leave it in your pantry, for it can keep longer in a room temperature than other products can.

Finally, another healthy sources of coconut (which will not give you the same benefits as those listed above, but are still healthy for you) are the coconut vinegar, the coconut water and the coconut aminos (this is a soy free alternative for soy sauce).

When we are looking for a way how to improve our diet and our health, it is always good to take a step back and search thorugh the history. For many years, people have counted on the coconut to provide them with the health they need, so this is why its consumption has become a necessity of today.

Take advantage of it now, we encourage you!