Cramping pain, flatulence, belching, farting…

The issue is not the most pleasant, especially if it happens in the awkward moment. Although these events usually do not confuse you, they are completely natural and can happen to everyone.

Reason for belching rule is swallowing air during the meal. The gas enters the stomach through carbonated beverages “air” products when you smoke or drink juice co tube. Rarely belching is linked to obesity, hernia of the diaphragm (Hemiahiatus oesophagei) and stone in the stomach.

Benefits of Farting

Benefits of Farting

The gases released by the gut represent a byproduct of digestion. They are created when bacteria are in the body act on uncooked food residue in the colon. Various bacteria produce various gases, some of which are co unpleasant odor.

The amount of gas depends on the dimensions of the colon and type of food.The creation of gases is usually increased in the use of products that are rich co cellulose. Therefore, increased intake of vegetable fiber in the diet should be done gradually, so that the intestines to adapt.

Here are some tips:

You shouldn’t talk during the meal, avoid using carbonated drinks and “air” products, and stop drink true the tube.

Stop smoking, no chewing gum, stop eating food what increases the formation of gas. In all, try to take active charcoal and herbs, incense, thyme, mint, that can help you.

On the other side here are some health benefits from farting.

  • It’s good for the colon

Holding gases in your body it’s not good for health. Especially is dangerous for those who are suffering from digestive issues.

  • It helps bloating

Feeling of being bloated is very uncomfortable because it can bring you to the stomach pain. Buildup of gas that needs to be released can indicate bloating. It is not harmful but can bring discomfort.

  • It means both a healthy gut and bacteria composition

Eating foods that cause gas is the only way to microbes in the gut to get nutrients. That is food rich in fiber like a beans, lentils, cabbage and kale.

  • It can help you with balanced diet

It can tell us if we overeating with some food or not taking enough. Firstly, when we don’t consume enough fiber we rarely pass gas. On the other side when we overeating with meat for example our gas may give off very unpleasant odor.

  • It can serve as a health alarm

The characteristics of fart can help predict health issues in some cases. Unhealthy signs fart is extreme odors, pain when gas is passing, an increasing frequency. These are symptoms of intolerance from food to colon cancer.

  • It’s instant relief