Stretch marks are the white skin that usually appears on the arms, the breasts, the abdomen and the glutes. They appear as a result of the skin being pulled down due to stretching or a fast growth. It can cover a large portion of your body.

Now, we are all aware that the skin consists of three main layers – the outer layer (epidermis), the middle layer (dermis) and the deepest layer (hypodermis). The stretch marks are those formed in the middle layer, the dermis, when the connective tissue is stretched more than the power of its flexibility.

Aspirin to Get Rid of Stretchmarks

Because of that, the result is a weakened collagen and the normal production cycle is damaged and hindered.

The stretchmarks usually appear during pregnancy, but there can also be other reasons, for an example a rapid growth, sudden weight gain or weight loss, stress and heredity. Thankfully, today we have comprised for you a set of several simple tips how to instantly get rid of the stretchmarks.

Here they are:

  • Lemon juice – this is a great natural remedy for stretchmarks because of this acidic properties it contains. And, besides the stretchmarks, it can also reduce the appearing of acne scars. If you want to use the lemon juice as a stretchmarks remedy, just cut a lemon in two and gently rub it onto the stretchmarks in circular movements. Leave it like that and let it soak into the skin for no less than 10 minutes, and then just rinse it off with some warm water.
  • Olive oil – another powerful remedy for the stretchmarks is the olive oil. It is filled with plenty of antioxidants and nutrients which will help reduce the appearance of the stretchmarks. Make sure you use slightly warm extra virgin olive oil to massage the area with. Then, leave it to act for about half an hour so it can be absorbed by the skin.
  • Egg whites – did you know that the egg whites are packed with proteins and amino acids, making them a great remedy for stretchmarks? Just take two egg whites and whip them gently with a fork. Then, apply them on the affected area with a make up brush. Leave it to completely dry out and after that, simply rinse the area with cold water. Finish up the treatment by massaging olive oil onto the area. Do this method every single day for a period of about two weeks, and the results will be visible.
  • Aspirin – to use aspirin for your skin may sound a bit unbelievable, we agree, but it is proven to be extremely effective. The aspirin is found to be one of the most effective remedies when it comes to reducing the appearance of the stretchmarks. It is filled with an important ingredient that is chemically really close to salicylic acid. This compound can help the skin be exfoliated, remove the acne and the scars on the skin, and decrease the size of all the keloids. If you want to use the aspirin to treat the stretchmarks, crush three aspirin tablets until a fine powder is created. Then, just add a few drops of water just to create a paste. Apply the paste on the affected areas and let it like that to dry out for about 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, gently wash it off.