The coconut oil is one of the richest sources of saturated fats, which is a fat mostly considered to be unhealthy. But despite all of that, the coconut oil is still thought to be one of the healthiest oils that one can consume.

But then, what is wrong with that picture?Different to all the other sources of saturated fats, including all the seed and vegetable oils which contain long chain triglycerides, the coconut oil is mostly made up out of medium chain triglycerides.

Amazing Coconut Oil

Amazing Coconut Oil

As it happens, the chain size matters, because it makes up a great difference for you and your overall health. When compared to the long chain triglycerides the medium ones are absorbed and metabolized in the body in an entire different way.

This is one of the main reasons why the coconut oil has been told to have a wide range of health benefits. In addition, we give you the 12 best ones of them all:

It will make you less fat – the abdominal obesity, or as we know it the excess belly fat can be a significant risk when it comes to diabetes and heart disease. When it comes to men, the waist size from 37 to 40 inches is usually considered to be overweight, while having more than 40 inches means that you are obese.

The research findings have suggested that the use of the coconut oil will reduce the waist range with men, and with that, lower the risk of a heart disease or diabetes. One study in the year of 2011 reported by the ISRN Pharmacology took 20 obese men who consumed two tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil, which was previously divided into three small doses, half an hour before each meal for a period of one month, every day.

The consumption of the coconut oil was associated with the significant reduction in the waist. The researchers concluded that the coconut oil is safe for consumption when it comes to humans and that it is definitely advised to be consumed when you want to lose some waist weight.

Reduce the size of your prostate – the use of the coconut oil can help you manage benign prostatic hyperplasia, also known as enlarged prostate. A group of researchers who published a study in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, compared the sunflower oil, coconut oil and saw palmeto lipid extract in rodents with enlarged prostate.

These rodents have been treated for 14 days with either soy oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil or saw palmeto extract. At the end of the trial their prostates were weighed.

The prostate gland weight was significantly reduced with the rodents who consumed coconut, sunflower oil and saw palmeto extract. This is because they contain healthy concentrations of lauric and myristic acids, which are believed to be responsible for the effects made from this particular study.

Boost your testosterone levels – in a study published in Phytotherapy Research, 40 rats were assigned to receive one of the following – olive, coconut, soybean or grapeseed oil for a period of 60 days. At the end of the trial, when the results came in, the coconut oil was associated with the least oxidative stress, a factor that contributes to aging and diseases.

The highest testicular antioxidant levels came back from the coconut oil, or the olive oil, and the coconut oil was concluded to be connected to boostong the testosterone levels in the body.

Reduce your hunger – the medium chain triglycerides caught the attention of researchers, so they believe that this is why the coconut oil can reduce the feeling of hunger. When you consume the coconut oil, the these triglycerides go from your digestive tract right into your liver, where they are either used for energy or transformed into ketone bodies.

These ketone bodies have an effect of suppressing the appetite. Other two studies have confirmed the positive outcomes from these ketone bodies.

Prevent Alzheimer’s disease – there was a study that highlighted the possible benefits from consuming the coconut oil when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease, but it did not contain coconut oil, but a drink that merely contains medium chain triglycerides. The 20 individuals in this study has a mild cognitive impairment or suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

Half of these participants received a placebo. Within the first 90 minutes of the treatment, the individuals from the coconut group who had less severity in their cognitive problems proved to show measurable improvement in their cognitive abilities.

You can even heal wounds with it – if you apply some coconut oil directly on your wound it can speed up the healing process through exactly three mechanisms – the ability of producing collagen will be stimulated to repair the tissue, the oil will improve the activity of the antioxidant enzymes, and accelerate the re-epithelialization, which is growth of the epithal cells over the damaged skin.

So, the ability of treating wounds with coconut oil has also been spotted in a study from the Indian Journal of Pharmacology, in which a group of rats with some burn wounds have been treated with one of the following treatments – either coconut oil, a standard treatment with silver sulphadiazine, a combination of these two treatments or no treatment at all.

The animals who were treated with a combination of the two treatments showed the biggest amounts of healing. This is why the authors concluded that the coconut oil is definitely the most effective healing agent,s especially when it comes to burn wounds.

Improve your cholesterol levels – you can find the use of the coconut oil helpful when it comes to improving your cholesterol levels, especially the good-bad cholesterol level ratio. This effect has been proven in a double blind clinical trial appearing in Lipids, in which about 40 women who were obese and were given either soybean or coconut oil over a period of three months.

All of the participants followed a diet that was low in carbs and took a 50 minute walk each day. So, at the end of this study, the women in both of the groups showed a reduction in the body mass index, but only the women in the group who also consumed coconut oil had a waist size reduction.

The other group of women, the soybean group, actually showed no changes in their cholesterol levels at all. The women in the soybean group experiences increase of the total and the bad cholesterol levels, but decrease in the good cholesterol levels.

Women in the coconut group did not have any cholesterol changes at all. This is why the authors concluded that the supplementation of the coconut oil will not be the cause of abnormal levels of lipids and will promote reduction in abdominal obesity.

Build the strength of the bone – the coconut oil can help promoting bone health and prevent any damage done from osteoporosis. About two million men in the United States are suffering from this, and 12 million more are at a high risk.

In a study conducted on animals, the researchers fed rats with extra virgin coconut oil within a period of six weeks. Compared with the animals who were left untreated, those who received coconut oil showed improvements in all factors associated with a better health of the bones.

It can fight against ulcers – when it’s compared to the sucralfate drug, the coconut milk can be very effective in the management of ulcers. A group of male rats were used in a study that made comparison between the coconut milk and the coconut water.

The healing from the coconut milk reduced the ulcer area by 56 percent.

It contains anti inflammatory, pain relieving and fever reducing prorperties – the coconut oil has shown not only to have the ability to reduce the inflammation, but to also reduce the fever and the pain too. Researchers used extra virgin coconut oil on animals in order to prove this.

The coconut oil showed moderate effects on the inflammation, pain and of course the fever.

Will treat your fungal infections – the virgin coconut oil can also help you treat any fungal infections. It has been said by researchers that the coconut oil should be used in the treatments concerning fungal infections because of all the emerging drug resistant candida species.

Finally, it can protect your skin against sunburns – the coconut oil has proven to have an SPF of 8, and even though this is way lower than the minimum recommended SPF, choosing a coconut oil based sunscreeen would still be a good choice for you, because it hydrates the skin and keeps it soft.

But how to use the coconut oil? You can put it in your smoothies, eat it by the teaspoon, ad it to your coffee, use it as a salad dressing, used it for shaving and so on.

You can even try using it as a sexual lubricant. If you want to know whether you’re using a good brand of coconut oil, note that at a room temperature it should be solid.

If it isn’t, then it has probably been stripped out of all the health benefits. This is why you have to keep a good eye on the product you’re about to buy.