An acidic environment can develop in the human body when there is an insufficient consumption of healthy foods and balanced meals. This will result in a weakened immune system.

The alkalinity or acidity of the body is determined by the known pH factor, and everything that is below the number seven is considered to pose a danger to the human body. So, if the pH levels are below seven, the environment is considered to be acidic, and everything above it is considered to be alkaline environment.

Alkaline Water Will Kill Your Cancer

Alkaline Water Will Kill Your Cancer

And, if for any reason the environment in the body comes into an acidic state, the healthy cells become toxic and undergo a process of collapse, and finally, in the end they die. So, which are the signs of indicating excessive acidity in the body?

Well, you can experience stomach aches, headaches, weakened immune system, feeling excessive tiredness. So, because our bodies are mostly made out of water, the pH value of the water in the body can have a great impact on the health.

Basically, the water is one of the most important ingredients which the human body really needs. It hydrates it and keeps it healthy and running all the time.

Ur bodies are made up out of 70-80% water, meaning that the water is what we need if we want to survive. By regular consumption of water you’re not only hydrating your body you are getting a lot of health benefits too.

This is why we will provide you with the health benefits if you drink alkaline water. The alkaline water will keep your skin rejuvenated and hydrated.

Also, by drinking this water you can get rid of those extra pounds you’ve been struggling with. This water is also perfect for cleansing your other organs too, such as your colon, and by doing this you will reduce the chances of getting a stomach virus, cold, or other related illnesses.

Furthermore, the alkaline water can be a great antioxidant that can oppose the work of the free radicals, that can cause an early aging and a lot of unwanted side effects. By regularly consuming the alkaline water you can also prevent cancer.

Here is the recipe for alkaline water – two liters of filtrated water, one tablespoon of Himalayan salt and one organic lemon, cut into small pieces. For the preparation part, just take a jar and add the water, lemon and the Himalayan salt in the end.

Close your jar and leave it in a room temperature over the night. For the consumption part, consume three glasses of the alkaline water every morning right after you wake up on an empty stomach.