The Raven is one of the most famous narrative poems by the writer Edgar Allan Poe. It has first been published in the year 1845. This poem has been noticed for its stylized language, supernatural atmosphere and the musicality.

The poem is about a raven that talks and makes mysterious visits to a lover with a broken heart, and tracing the slow path of the man that finishes with madness. The lover, who is thought to be a student, is sad about the loss of his great love, and the raven is investigating his distress by constantly repeating the word nevermore.

About The Raven

This is a song that has a lot of references – including folk, classical, mythological and religious ones.As Poe explains a year later, he carefully wrote this poem in order to make it more appealing to the critical and the popular tastes.

This poem was inspired by a novel from Charles Dickens. Poe borrows from other writers too in order to seal the power of his word.

As we previously said, The Raven has first been published in the New York Evening Mirror on January 29th, and this publication helped Poe gain great fame. After gaining the popularity from the poem, the publishers asked Poe for more work, and the same year Poe published his first book in five years called Tales.

He was quite popular in his lifetime, although it did not bring him any financial stability, and his works are still popular among everyone today. The poem became so popular that it was soon copied, illustrated, parodied and reprinted.

Even though the critical opinions on this one are fairly divided because of the literary status of the poem, this is a poem that remains to be one of the most popular and wide known poems of all time. If you have not yet read it, we urge you to look it up online if you are not in the mood to read his entire works.