We all know that the castor oil has so far been used as a laxative, a parasite remover, and a purging cleanse, a lot of people can still look at it as a toxin and tend to neglect the healing properties it possesses.

Even though their primary use is taking care of the skin, the castor oil packs, though are applied topically on the skin, can affect the internal organs. Rumors were that there are certain toxicity elements inside of it mostly because of the fact that Big Pharma does everything in its power to push aside the herbal remedies and keep their profile intact.

About the Castor Oil

  • One animal study has resolved the toxicity issues

According to a study that has been done on animals (rats), when the castor oil was added to their dieting plans there were no serious adverse effects later on. The toxicity actually comes from a toxin found inside the castor bean called ricin.

Nevertheless, during the entire manufacturing process, the toxicity of the ricin is eliminated with the help of the cold press and filtering process, and the final product, medicinal castor oil is created. This is a very similar case to the mistletoe or the oleander, who in their raw forms, also contain toxins, but are safe to use in the form of an extract.

The key action here is the cold press process, which removes all the toxins and the ricin content, creating a completely safe to use medicinal castor oil. In this case, just remember that the industrial castor oil is dangerous to both humans and animals.

  • Use the castor oil as a flush or a laxative

If you want to use the castor oil as a laxative, then just take a tablespoon of the food grade castor oil just before bed time. This healthy habit can bring you relief from constipation and it can work as a gallstone flush.

If you want the best results, do this for a period of several days in a row. Another thing, the castor oil purge is a part of the Ayurvedic medicine. It consists of two ounces of the castor oil and the same amount (two ounces) of orange juice.

You should take it in the morning on an empty stomach and start sipping a bit of hot water after approximately half an hour. You should drink about 3-4 cups of water every 15 minutes if you want to stimulate the flushing.

And when it comes to your meals, avoid fried and greasy foods and opt for light foods. This is a flush which is quite intense and is capable of eliminating any parasites and even tapeworms.

  • The external application can affect the internal organs

Edgar Cauce, an eminent physic healer, praised the packs of castor oil because of their healing properties. What he recommends is using three or four linens to cover the epidermal area with, just above the affected organs, the kidneys, liver, intestines and so on.

Next step would be soaking the linens in warm castor oil, applying it on the affected area and covering it all with a hot bottle.

The castor oil can actually provide you with a wide range of health benefits and when used topically, it can be beneficial for a range of skin issues, from fungal toenail to simple acne. Because of its strong anti-viral and ant-fungal properties, this is a simple ingredients which can treat different skin issues.

For an example, a woman swears that it is so efficient, it helped her relieve her shingles and eliminate her virus. Another person claims that the topical application of the castor oil did help in removing a cyst on the shoulder.