So, today we got some pretty good news for you! Today we will show you a home made method that will spare you from the agony of cleaning the gas stove burners. It is a quite simple and natural way.

Let’s face the truth here – every day, more and more housewives are screaming around the kitchen. And why is that? Because it is very tiring and boring to finish cooking, and after you’ve done cooking you notice the black thing that is accumulating within the burners of your stove.

About Lemons

About Lemons

In exchange for that, this all thing results in more and more houses wanting and getting glass ceramic instead of the LPG gas burners.

The stove burners in the kitchen are definitely difficult to clean. And let’s face it, we all sometimes forget a thing or two on the stove, from frying pans filled with oils, splashes of fat, spilled coffee or cream of milk.

Of course, we are making a disaster by it and the burners are not the only thing that suffers, we suffer too because we are the ones who have to clean them. When we realize all of this, it is almost too late.

But, we are here to bring you good news! You will now know how to end your agony and this disaster from happening all the time.

We are going to provide you with a home made method to remove the dirt from the burners of your stoves. We are going to show you this trick that will help you clean your burners and make them look as good as new.

All you need is a couple of pieces of fruit and a little patience, and the work will be done easily. There are even several ways that you can do this, and you can choose whichever ones would fit you best.

To do this, all you need are a lemon, a kitchen towel and some hot water. And now, the application part, first you have to remove the dirty burners from your stove, then take the lemon and squeeze it out until you get all the juice from it.

Add a bit of hot water to the lemon juice, and you can ether add the burners into the mixture or apply some of the mixture onto the burners. The next thing you have to do is simply wait about 10 minutes and then rub the burners slowly until all the grease and the black parts that cover the surface are removed.