We all know that the standard full time job is 40 hours per week. But always it’s not like that. Some people are working even 50 to 70 hours. But are this hours so worth?

Do you that they are most expensive then your own health. Here we will read why scientist think that 3-day weekend is healthier and better for all us.

3-Day Weekend

3-Day Weekend

Many studies prove some correlation between working hours and productivity, and here is what working long hours can cause:

  • Increased heart problems
  • Increased chance from stroke
  • Increased risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Increased risk of depression

Scientist find out that only 5 hours of your work time can be productive work. That time you can is all that you can be concentrate on work. And that means that all extra hours you spend on work are not productive for you.

The rest of working hours we spend on reading mails, unproductive meetings.

If you thing that short work time is good for workers only then you are wrong.

Here are benefits for companies:

  • Reduce energy cost

This is implemented first from Utah in 2007 year. They implemented three-day weekend and reduced more then million energy cost in ten months.

They also missed 12.000 less carbon in the atmosphere. Four years after that they miss this three-day weekend because people start complaining that the services don’t work in Friday.

  • Reduced Absenteeism

This short workweek minimized the absenteeism in Utah by 9 percent.

  • Increased productivity

Orthopedic unit in Sahlgrenska University Hospital had 20 percents more operations with short workweek. Also patients noticed that the medical personal and doctors look happier.

Experiments with a reduced number of working hours in Sweden have shown that numbers of disease are smaller and the productivity is increased. More harmonious environment will bring better mental health and healthier life.