Every home must have apple cider vinegar. It is much more than a nutritious addition to your diet. It is a powerhouse of health benefits that also includes preventing and fighting so many diseases and other disorders.


Researchers have found that it offers hundreds of health benefits. Some of the most notable ones include the following:

  1. Lower your cholesterol levels
  2. Reducing the risk of heart disease
  3. Soothing sore throat
  4. Killing wide range of bacteria
  5. Preventing indigestion
  6. Clearing stuffy nose
  7. Lowering blood sugar levels
  8. Fighting diabetes
  9. Helping with weight loss
  10. Preventing and fighting cancers
  11. Reducing and eliminating dandruff
  12. Clearing acne
  13. Boosting energy levels
  14. Reducing nighttime leg cramps
  15. Getting rid of bad breath

These are just few among hundreds of other reasons for using apple cider vinegar (ACV) in your diet.

If you want to enjoy these benefits it is recommended to use pure, homemade ACV.

There are many ways for preparing it at home. Here are 2 methods that you can use. The longer method takes 7 months, but you may even choose the shorter method.

The first method uses whole apple and the second one only the peels and cores.

Method #1: 7 Months

In this method you will be using the whole apple.

Ingredients & Supplies

  • Apples (organically grown) – 10
  • Cheesecloth
  • Glass bowl
  • Large glass bowl


The steps involved are as following:

  • Wash the apples thoroughly and cut them into quarters.
  • You may even core and peel the apples. In that case you can use the scraps for making ACV using the second method.
  • Give them air so that they become brown.
  • Put the browned quarters in the small bowl and pour water to cover them fully.
  • Now cover it using the cheesecloth and keep in a dark and warm place for up to 6 months.
  • When 6 months are completed, you will see gray like matter on the surface. Strain off the fluid using a coffee filter and remove into the large bowl. Give it another 4 weeks after covering with cheesecloth.

Your organic, homemade apple cider vinegar is ready with all its natural health benefits.

Method #2: Using Scraps

Ingredients & Supplies

  • Apple peels & cores – from 6 apples (organically grown)
  • Granulated sugar – 2 tbsp
  • Water – 2 cups (boiled and then cooled)
  • Canning lid – 1
  • Quart size jar – 1
  • Coffee filter

It will be best to use organic apples. At least make sure they are pesticide-free. You can use bruised and brown apples for this method. But don’t use any rotten or moldy ones.


The steps are as following:

  • Place the apple scraps in the quart size jar and fill it three-fourths. The apples will expand when it absorbs the liquid.
  • Add the sugar and water, fully submerging the apples.
  • Don’t leave any apples exposed because that can cause mold development. So add more water if required.
  • Stir everything together and core using the coffee filter.
  • Use a rubber band to secure it.

The sugar helps with the fermentation process. It is only optional and you may not use it. It is used only to speed things up.

If you are going to make changes to the quantity, it is recommended to use 1 tbsp of sugar for each cup of water.

Now leave the jar in a dark and warm place for a couple of weeks. Don’t keep in the refrigerator. It needs a warm environment for fermentation to take place.

After 2 weeks, strain the fluid. The solid matter can be given to your pet.

Then cover the fluid again using a coffee filter. Leave it so for a few more weeks. You may notice cloudy formation on top of the vinegar. Keep tasting the vinegar once every week and once ready, you will know it by the taste.

If you want to stop the fermentation, you can cover it with a canning lid and keep in the refrigerator.

Now you can add the organic, homemade vinegar to your diet and enjoy its health benefits.

ACV is an ancient remedy and can be used not just for health benefits but for many other household purposes too.

It can also be used for de-germing a wide range of surfaces, including your computer or phone’s touchscreen. You can remove ink stains from floors and walls. It is also a powerful agent for de-mildewing.

Apple cider vinegar can also be used for removing candle wax which is a stubborn material.

It can also freshen and sanitize your clothes, and remove yellow stains. In fact, you can even use ACV for cleaning your washing machine.

This includes weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and improved symptoms of diabetes.