The number of people wearing glasses continues to increase every year. It may be due to short-sightedness or long-sightedness, but it means getting used to wearing lenses for the rest of your life.

There are however some simple eye exercises that can help improve your vision over time. Here are 11 eye exercises that you should do regularly to enjoy dramatic improvement in your vision.


1. Concentration Exercise

Look straight and gaze at the point between the eyebrows. Concentrate on the point for just a few seconds. Then look straight and then again repeat.

Do this 3 times.


You can also focus on your nose tip and repeat the same exercise.

2. Side to Side Movement

Start by looking straight. Then look to the left by turning your eyes, not your head. Focus and then look to the right and focus again. Do this 5 times and repeat overall 3 times.

3. Up & Down Movement

This is similar to the side movement exercise. Do it same number of times.

4. Gaze into the Darkness

Gazing into the darkness may not make any sense to most people but it is also a good exercise for your eyes.

Close your eyes and place your palms over them. Then open your eyes and look into the darkness. Do this for 1 to 2 minutes.

5. Blink

If you are a regular computer user, your eyes don’t blink as much as they used to (especially when you focus on something).

It is recommended to take a break from work every 60 minutes and blink your eyes at a fast rate. Blinking every 2 seconds is a good rate. Do it for 1 minute.


It is going to make your eyes feel relaxed and remove any strain. It will also lubricate your eyes

6. Eye Movement to Complete an 8

It’s as simple as it says. Move your eyes to trace the digit 8. This will exercise your eye muscles, increasing their flexibility.

Do it one way and then repeat the other way for few minutes.

7. Circular Motion

This is a simple but highly effective eye exercise.

Roll your eyes in a circle. Do it in one direction and then repeat in the other. Repeat it 5 times for each direction and then look straight. Do a total of 3 sets.

8. Swinging

If you have a pendulum in your home, you can look at it. Else you can move the cursor on the screen and follow it with your eyes. Make sure your neck is kept straight. Follow the swinging action of the pendulum.

This exercise will help in loosening the stiff eye muscles.

9. Focus on Near & Far

Look at an object that is 20 cm away from your eyes. Focus on it for a few seconds and then focus at an object that is at a distance.


When focusing at something, look at its details. Then return to the nearby object and focus on it. Alter the focus 5 times and do this for 3 sets.

10. Massage

Close your eyes and squeeze them shut for up to 3 seconds. Then release the pressure and relax. Shut your eyes again and squeeze. Do this 10 times.

Then touch the eyelids gently and massage in circulation motion. Make sure that you are pressing very lightly. Do this 10 times in circulation motion. Do it in one direction and then repeat in the other.

11. Zoom Your Eyes

Stretch your arms out and make a thumbs up sign. Look at the thumb.

Then slowly move the thumb closer to your face – up to 3 inches off.

Now slowly move the thumb to its original position and keep looking at it.

Do this a few times.


These 11 simple and fun exercises will help improve your vision and make your eyes stronger. As the blood flow to the eyes and eye muscles increase, the tissue will get more nutrients and oxygen. Healthier eyes can also help keep off many complicated diseases.