According to the 2014 National Diabetes Statistics Report, the condition affects over 29 million people in the United States. Out of this over 8 million are undiagnosed. Diabetes is a global health problem that is untreatable and can only be controlled and managed.

If you are a diabetic, you will know how difficult it can be to lead a life of near austerity from most kinds of foods. In this guide you will find 10 of the best foods you should add to your diet to help keep your diabetes within the healthy limits to lead a great life.


1. Cocoa Powder

This may seem a little complex of a situation, but eating chocolate has been found to help improve diabetes.

Cocoa powder has high amounts of flavonoids. According to a study at the Tufts University, taking dark chocolate helps in improving insulin sensitivity. This is an important marker in the prevention and treatment of type II diabetes. Make sure you take only dark chocolate but keep the amount within limits.

2. Eat More Blueberries

If you consume more blueberries, it can help in reducing the effect of diabetes. It can also help you maintain your weight.

According to a 2009 Study at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center, diet enriched with blueberry helps in improving the health markers related to diabetes.

3. Beans

Beans improve your diabetes or prevent the condition by regulating insulin and blood glucose levels. They also help in minimizing the condition’s effects on the body.

Beans are rich in antioxidants and also help in lowering cholesterol levels. It will be best to take red beans but black beans are also good.

4. Cinnamon

According to a research study at the Human Nutrition Center, Beltsville, taking cinnamon everyday can help in making your cells more insulin sensitive. It helps cells in converting the blood sugar into useful energy.

So you should take more cinnamon. It helps in lowering your blood sugar spikes after meals and also strengthens your heart.

5. Fish

Start taking more fish containing omega-3 fatty acids. Especially cold water fish are richer in this healthy fat. Examples include salmon, mackerel and sardines. They can not only help improve your diabetes, they also help in preventing heart problems.

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6. Drink More Green Tea

Green tea can not only help in regulating your blood sugar levels, it can also offer many other health benefits.

Chronic inflammation in the body makes it difficult for the body to absorb blood sugar. It also increases risk of heart disease.

7. Eat More Oats

Oats are great for not just diabetes, but for so many other reasons. they are rich in fiber and research shows that those how take more oats have improved insulin resistance and lower bad cholesterol levels.

The soluble fiber further helps in slowing the body’s rate of braking down and absorbing carbs. This helps in keeping the blood sugar levels stable.

8. Dates

Just like chocolate you may feel that eating dates can be counter-intuitive to fighting diabetes. You don’t have to eat too much of it, just half a dozen a day will do the job. They are rich in fiber and make great anti-diabetes foods.

Rich in antioxidants, dates are often referred to as the complete food for a good reason.

9. Walnuts

Take just 1 oz of walnuts and it will give you over 2g of dietary fiber. Besides, it is also rich in an omeg-3 formation compound called ALA.

Make sure that you eat walnuts within limits. They will also help in regulating your diabetes more effectively.

10. Almonds & Dried Cranberries

Eat both these foods together you will be amazed by how they will improve your diabetes. Almonds help in controlling blood sugar spikes while making you feel fuller. This was studied and published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in November 2013.