How to lose weight? Here are some tips from world experts for quick and effective weight loss and fat burning. The fact is that sooner or later in our  life we try some kind of diet.

Someone will succeed, someone not. No one until now has done a research on the amount of failed and unsuccessful diets – all efforts end up with short-term weight loss, and in a few months returning back the calories again which deposits on the body.

Weight Loss Hormone

Weight Loss Hormone

To make the situation even worse, you follow proper rules of diet and regular exercise. Culprit for your slow weight loss can be – hormones. That hormones and their imbalance can often turn attenuation in difficult project. And sometimes even like impossible mission.

6 Ways to Activate the Weight Loss Hormones

  1. Stop eating satisfying food

Most people lose the battle when it comes to avoiding chocolate, ice cream, chips, sodas and other junk food. However, everyone after they are given in to the pleasure afterward they feel guilty, so they eat healthy in the coming days until the next trial.

The root of the problem often lies in the emotional state in which we find ourselves. When we are happy, we seek a reason to celebrate something with high caloric, even when we are sad.

If you want to skip this obstacle and establish control of your habits, you need to set the border between feelings and food. After doing this, a healthy diet will no longer be a problem. Here are some steps that can help you establish the control of this problem.

  1. Muscle formation

If you want to build your body and sleep only 4 hours, you will not get the desired effect for sure. The main processes of creation and melting fat are established in the process of sleep.

Without healthy sleep, certain processes unfold properly as anabolism and catabolism. Melting fat, means stable calorie reduction and increased activity in the form of training and cardiovascular training with weights.

Muscles do not burn with cardio training, but if you are overdone as marathon every day then it causes converting the muscle power.

  1. The most important thing – Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is worth to invest a little more time to ensure high quality food that will give you the necessary energy, and will adversely affect your health.

Spend a few minutes every morning and prepare a healthy breakfast. If you change your habits a little and put more effort, eating a healthy diet regardless of rapid modern life and the hassle of everyday life. Try and you will feel healthier and better mood.

  1. Burn fat while you are sitting

Your butterfly-shaped thyroid that is gland in your throat, is producing the weight loss hormones. This hormone constantly stimulating effect on the thyroid, and is excreted when the circulation decreases the amount of thyroid hormones and stops when secreted into the circulation has a sufficient amount of thyroid hormones.

These hormones activate the metabolism, stimulate the creation of enzymes enabling the metabolic processes occur as a cell could get enough energy to be able to function. Still more simply if no enzymes will be no  metabolism, and thus cells and the body can not provide enough energy to be able to function properly.

  1. Sleep enough

The results of a study showing that do not have to sweat to lose weight. In fact, the study found that a large amount of sleep is very important in reducing excess weight.

The results show that those who sleep less are more exposed to obesity and sleep longer protects the body, said Dr. Nathaniel Watson, presenter of the study.

  1. Yoga breathing

Breathing is a hallmark of existence. Breathe – live. It is closely related with the vital energy and other functions in the body. Therefore, if the “cultivating” breathing and develop control over it will create conditions for better functioning of the body, soothe the emotions and mind.

This we can do because of what breathing is a unique automated process in the body that can control and willingly, to speed up or slow down to maintain or deepen.