The lemons are one of the healthiest fruits on the planet, containing high levels of citric acid, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins B and C, pectin, flavonoids, and volatile oils. Various health experts suggest that you should consume a glass of warm lemon water in the morning immediately after waking up.

By doing so, you will provide your body with many essential nutrients, and you will improve your overall health. In order to prepare it, you should boil a glass of water, let it cool down, and add some fresh lemon juice.

Warm Lemon Water

Warm Lemon Water

The lemon water has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help you to strengthen your immune system and to fight against numerous infections and diseases. Here are 8 health benefits of drinking warm lemon water.

Boosts Your Immune System

The consumption of warm lemon water will help you to improve your lymphatic system, which helps your immune system to eliminate pathogens.

The lemons are one of the best sources of vitamin C that is excellent for protecting against a common cold and flu. This vitamin is essential for enhancing the body’s absorption of iron, which plays an important role in maintaining a proper immune function.

Reduces Inflammation

The lemon water possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties that can help you to relieve any inflammation.

Relieves Joint Pain and Swelling

The intake of lemon water will reduce the level of uric acid in your joints, which makes it effective in relieving joint pain and swelling, as well as in preventing some inflammatory conditions, such as gout.

Eliminates Kidney Stones

The lemons are a great source of potassium. This mineral is highly beneficial for increasing the levels of citrate in your urine and preventing oxalate formation.

Promotes Weight Loss

Due to its rich vitamin and enzyme content, the warm lemon water will help you to regulate your blood sugar levels, to suppress your appetite, and to reduce your excess weight. The lemon water also contains pectin, a soluble fiber which is effective in improving your digestion.

Heals Acne

The lemon water will help you to reduce the acidity in your body and to prevent an occurrence of acne. In order to get rid of any acne and to improve the quality of your skin, all you need to do is to wash your face with some lemon water.

Treats Colitis

Colitis is an inflammation of the lining of your colon, which is caused by an imbalance of the acid/alkaline levels in your body. This condition can be rapidly treated with a regular consumption of warm lemon water. The lemon water will help you to lower the acidity in your blood and to balance your pH levels.

Reduces Gallbladder Pain

The intake of warm lemon water can help you to eliminate gallstones and to relieve the pain that is caused by them.