Beets contain almost all mineral ingredients: calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, fluorine, manganese, copper, iodine, sulfur, rubidium, lithium, strontium, bromine etc. Significant is the presence of vitamins B1, B2, C and P, and vitamin B12, which are extremely rare in foodstuffs of plant origin, and such an important for vegetation.

Thanks to the presence of anthocyanins, this vegetable has red color.This vegetable is known for over two thousand years. It originates from the Mediterranean coast.



The root is rich in red color that originates from the group of red pigment. Its medicinal properties have been known since ancient times. It is used as an aid in the treatment of malaria, acute fibrotic diseases, flu in the initial phase and regulates blood pressure, especially low.

Contain belatin which is an amino acid that has anticancer properties. Regular consumption helps to prevent diseases caused by oxidative stress.

There are very large health effects of beet in the case of demineralization of bones and teeth; the presence of iodine makes it valuable in the fight against arteriosclerosis and slowing the aging process. Beets cure: leukemia, damage of X-radiation, can normalize low blood pressure, positive affects to the brain and nerve.

Does not exist a rule for using beet, just need to know that to help as a medicine is recommended to use fresh and in the form of salads, grated, crumble or juice. You can drink juice in sips, first 250 ml, then 500 ml, and the dose is reduced again to 250 ml.

After recovery it is recommended to drink 250 ml a day for one to two months. Beet juice sweetened with honey can treated anemia.

Grated beets with a little lemon juice and parsley, as a salad, cleans the urine of acid, restores blood, improve liver, stomach.Beetroot is ideal for detoxification of the body because it stimulates the liver to work, easy to digest and improves digestion. 100 grams of beets has only 36 calories.

Low calorie vegetable that helps you to improve your immunity and helps you deal with anemia. Nutritionists suggest 500 ml of beetroot juice for athletes because nitrates increase endurance to muscle with increased physical activity.

Beet leaves are considered like a ‘vitamin-mineral “bomb. The leaves contain magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and iron which certainly contains many times more than spinach.

Beet affects the expansion of blood vessels and whit that increases blood flow to the muscles. A better supply of oxygen and nutrients allows the muscles work better and the good work of the muscles is actually a – accelerated burning of calories.