Nobody admits, but all do. Scientists claim that urinating under the shower is good work for humanity!

All we do or at least we did once because it is so relaxing and less rebellious, but also saves time. But what you may not have known that urinating in the shower contributes to saving planet Earth.



Wondering what does it mean?

Whenever urine, the urine and the toilet water travel to the ‘’underworld’’. What is worrying is that many toilets have two buttons and a small bowel which means that each time it consumes the same amount of water regardless of the type of need in question.

Average cistern receives six pounds of water, and the average adult person is urinating seven times in 24 hours. According to that calculation spend 42 liters of water for washing of urine.

Under the assumption that every day drenched the same amount of fluid in just one year is spent 15 liters of water which is quite worrying.

Therefore, every time when you urinate while showering is not so terrible, but remember that you are doing the service of the Earth and the generations that water will be most important.

Here are some other reasons why urinating under the shower is important

  1. The action saves the planet

As we said urinating under the shower saves up 27 % of water flow. Also you get lower water bills!

  1. It disinfect the wound

If you have some scratches fresh urine is doing disinfection on it. Also it relives the pain.

  1. Cares of your skin

Urea is ingredient in very expensive creams and oils for the skin. It balances the pH on the skin and keeps from drying.

  1. Solves the problem with fungi

Urine treated fungal infection on foot. The best is to add urine to the skin which is affected.

  1. Saving Money

With each urination while showering you save all the cistern water. That means smaller bill at the end of the month.

  1. Stay clean

Toilet paper absorbs little, most of which is smeared on the skin. Urinating while you shower, you properly wash it.

  1. Clean bathroom

When urine (the usual way) drops of urine are carried in much of the bathroom and contaminate everything in it. This is not the case when bathing.

  1. It is hygienic

Actually, the urine is sterile and until leaves are okay.