Some objects have certain features that have or used to have a purpose or meaning. Even though these features are commonly believed to be made only for decorative purposes, they were created to serve a specific function.

Here are the meanings of some interesting and unusual things on everyday items that you probably never knew about.

The Hole on a Lollipop Stick

Many people believe that the hole on a lollipop stick is created for protecting against suffocation. However, this hole is actually designed to prevent the candy from falling. During the production, the stick is sunk in the liquid candy, which fills this space first.

When the substance is cooled down, the hole on the stick fixes the entire candy. Moreover, the lollipops are harder to swallow than other candies due to this invention.

The Trouser Creases

Nowadays, the trouser creases are an integral part of a business suit. However, almost nobody knows how they were developed. These features appeared at the end of the 19th century when the European factories started a massive production and transportation of clothes.

The trousers were folded and tamped during a long journey through the continents and oceans. And, after the travels, they had severe creases which were impossible to be removed. Since there wasn’t any other option than to accept this effect, the trouser creases became very fashionable.

The Diamond-Shaped Patch on the Backpack

This part of the backpack was originally used by hikers and mountain climbers. You can thread carabiners or ropes through the tab, or you can hang mount equipment in order to free your arms.

The Bobble on the Hats

Although nowadays the bobble on the hats is made as an aesthetic feature, it was initially created for a particular purpose. The bobble hats first appeared in the 18th century, when they were worn by French sailors. Back then, the cabins in the ships had low ceilings, and the bobbles protected the sailors from hurting their heads.

Later, other countries began to use this element in the army uniforms. They used to have different shapes and colors, depending on the branch of the military that a soldier belonged to.

The Small Pocket in the Ladies Underwear

Most of the women are unaware of the purpose of this oddly placed pocket. While many believe that it serves for hiding something valuable, it is actually done for health reasons.

According to the health standards, this layer has to be made from a soft cotton tissue. This extra fabric cannot be attached with two inner seams because, in that case, you wouldn’t feel comfortable. Therefore, they leave it unsewn on one side.

The Colored Lines on the Toothpaste Tubes

There is a commonly shared opinion that the black line on a toothpaste tube is for the chemicals while the green one is for the organic components included in the toothpaste. However, these lines don’t identify the composition of the product, and they are not linked to its potential health effects.

Instead, these lines are barcodes which are supposed to be read by the light beam sensors in order to identify where the product packaging needs to be cut or folded.