Diabetes is a serious health condition that affects numerous people around the world. This condition occurs when the pancreas fails to produce a sufficient amount of insulin, a hormone which is essential for converting glucose into energy.

An improper production of insulin results in increased levels of glucose in the blood, which can lead to many health complications, including blindness, anxiety, depression, kidney disease, heart attack, and stroke. Even though there is currently no cure for diabetes, this condition can be easily controlled.

Treating Diabetes

Treating Diabetes


While the intake of insulin supplements can help you to normalize your blood glucose levels, there are also some natural treatments that can help you to manage this condition. Here is a home remedy that will help you to treat diabetes.

Drink Recipe That Will Normalize Your Blood Sugar Levels

The following drink is very beneficial for eliminating the excess fluids from your body, as well as for maintaining healthy sugar levels in your blood.


  • 2 l of mineral water
  • 1 leek with roots


In order to prepare this drink, first, you need to wash the leek with the roots and to pour 2 liters of mineral water into a bottle. Then, add the leek to the bottle and leave it to stay for 24 hours.

The following day, you need to consume this drink as a substitute for water. When you finish drinking it, you should prepare another dosage.