We are all aware of the fact that the kidneys are one of the most important parts in the human body. They are located right under the rib cage, and their job is to detoxify and cleanse the system, and they filter about 10-150 quarters of blood on a daily basis.

Because of their function, they are extremely important to the blood and the entire body.Furthermore, they remove all the excess amounts of waste and fluids from the body, thus supporting the health of the bones, balancing the electrolytes, stabilizing the blood pressure and increasing the number of red blood cells.



This is why if they do not function at their best, the entire body is at risk. There are some symptoms through which you can recognize that something with your kidneys is not good, and here they are:

  • You will notice changes in your urine. It can get foamy, it may get dark, or you will urinate less and in smaller amounts.contrary to this, you may start urinating more frequently, in bigger amounts, and the urine would be pale. You may even get the urges to urinate during the night, experience pressure during the urination process or simply have trouble urinating.
  • Your face, limbs and joints will start to swell. This happens in the case of a weakened function of the kidneys, when the excess fluids are not eliminated from the body.
  • If you happen to be left without a breath very often, it may indicate a kidney failure. This is because the reduced amount of red blood cells in the body, due to all the accumulated toxins in the lungs, fail to keep up the oxygen level in the body.
  • If you start experiencing a metallic taste in the mouth, it means that the waste which is builded up in the blood alters the taste of every food, leading to a very bad breath. The poor appetite and the sudden changes in the food can lead to a kidney damage.
  • When the kidneys are failing, they don’t lead much oxygen to the brain, thus leaving you with dizziness, poor concentration, memory problems and lightheadedness.
  • You will experience pain. When the kidneys go into failure, they will alert you with a strong pain, especially in the case if you must pass a kidney stone or in the case of a urinary tract infection.
  • Finally, the fatigue. The healthy kidneys produce a hormone which increases the number of red blood cells that carry the necessary oxygen through the body. When the number of these red blood cells decreases, it leads to fatigue, muscles and brain problems. These signs can also be connected to a severe case of anemia.

This is why, in order to preserve your health and keep your kidneys functioning at an optimal level, you need to implement some exercise in your every day life, consume a lot of healthy foods, and foods rich in antioxidants, and food supplements. All of these things will make sure that you will remain healthy.