Spanish scientists found out that non wearing bra strengths muscle of the chest, so they will on some way holds tight. Whether large or small, all-female breasts are beautiful. But they need proper care like every other body part.

Kelly Brook, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow are just some of the women who recently did not wear a bra. Many were astonished because, since it is common knowledge  that bras are useful, because apart from lifting the chest, it also will maintain strong and young breasts, and prevent back pain.

Stop to Wear Bra

Stop to Wear Bra

But what do you think? Is this true?The latest research shows that is not exactly so. That is, the routine carrying of a bra can further exacerbate these problems. As scientists concluded, not wearing bra actually strengths muscle of the chest, so they stay solid.

“Many women do not wear a bra at home because it is so convenient. But we must tell that sure is healthier. In addition, the muscles will be stronger and improves the quality of breast skin, explains Professor Roulion, who led the study.

He conducted a study to the women from age 18 to 35. He found out that wearing bra has no benefits. Stated that women who wear a bra was 7 mm lift in the nipple of women who did not wear.

Then he claims that bras could reduce circulation and breast tone over time.Aware of that, women will hardly give up bras, scientists offered a few tips which bra is best to select. Bra should be comfortable, must press on any part of the body, must be the right size and made of natural materials.

More researches should be done to solve this question about wear or not wear bra. Some women don’t want to expose their breast and nipples, and because of that they hardly will give up from wearing bra. Because of that you must follow some tips while you choose your bra:

  • Doctors warn that should better check the number before you decide to buy, because the wrong size bra can cause pain in the shoulders, neck, affects the nerves and skin rashes.
  • If you have frequent headaches reason may be straps. Too narrow straps can lead to reduced circulation and blood flow.
  • Another common mistake is to avoid sports bra. They are designed to support chest when starting or running. If you do not wear them during physical activity will only accelerate the process of relaxation of the chest.

It seems incredible, but bra can cause problems with digestion or may cause irritable bowel.Advice for women is good to survey his body and take account of the size of the bra they need it.