Interrupted sleep, heartburn can be as a result of upset stomach, because we often eat heavy meals in the evening.  Diet, living conditions and the fast pace of life contribute to certain symptoms occur as a consequence of insufficient and improper digestion and utilization.

This problem can easy be solved with mixture of three ingredients and that is ginger, coconut milk and turmeric. This can boot metabolism and promote weight loss.

Stomach Problems

Stomach Problems

To prepare this recipe you will need 1 inch piece of sliced ginger, or 1 teaspoon ginger powder, 2 cups coconut milk, 1 teaspoon turmeric, ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper,1 tablespoon organic honey.

If you have problems with digestion, surely someone told you that ginger is excellent in removing abdominal pain. Also is recommended for removal of sickness and inflammation.

Ginger is very effective and helps in easier absorption of nutrients from food. It also relieves flatulence and intestinal gases, but also regulates appetite.

It is growing in Southeast Asia, India and China where it is used since ancient times. These countries are carrying caravans in Asia Minor, and then in Rome.

He is one of the first oriental spices that Europeans met in the early middle Ages. Today ginger is grown in many tropical regions.

It is good for diabetes, weight loss, dizziness, high cholesterol, migraine, cancer, painful menstrual period, osteoarthritis.

Coconut milk is vegetable milk. This milk does not contain lactose which is great for those who have trouble with her digestion in the body.

Like all milk from vegetable origin, and coconut milk does not contain cholesterol.  It is rich in lauric acid which increases the level of good cholesterol HDL and great effect on the heart and blood vessels.

It helps with reduces protein loss, prevent digestive issues, boosts metabolism, burns calories.

Turmeric is rich in vitamins B6, B3, folic acid, potassium, iron, manganese, and is also considered a good source of fiber. It has been proven that the herb turmeric has a beneficial effect in the case of cancer, because it prevents the growth and formation of tumors.

It is recognized that a great natural cleaner lungs and prevents the occurrence of melanoma. Improves heart, Cleans blood vessels, Strengthens bones and is great for preventing osteoporosis, Regenerate joints and reduces inflammation in arthritis, Reduces the feeling of bloating in the stomach, Great fight against bacteria and fungal infections, fight with cancer, Improves thyroid, Normalizes the menstrual cycle, Offering excellent detoxification lung, Positively affects the skin and all skin diseases, Eliminates intestinal parasites and restore the intestinal flora, Reduces cough and helps with bronchitis, Helps reduce weight, Speeds up metabolism and improves digestion.

Black pepper is the best stimulator of the absorption of curcumin which is active ingredient of turmeric. Black pepper is used for centuries in traditional Eastern medicine to treat stomach disorders, treatment of pain and inflammation.

People who have problems with digestion, those who have a very slow metabolism, they should know that in their daily diet should as much as possible to use black pepper.

Honey also is good for digestion. Benefits from honey are: renew tissues, to reduce pain, stimulate and improve heart function, reduces fatigue, increase the body’s resistance to calming the nervous system.

For preparation natural remedy you need to mix all ingredients in a large bowl, except the honey. Stir it well. Then transfer it to a saucepan and cook it in a low heat for 5 minutes. Then add the honey.

You need to drink this remedy an hour before go to sleep.