The bodyweight exercises are gaining on popularity throughout the world simply because you can get fit just by using your own body weight. One form of these exercises are the planks.

They are by far the most efficient exercise. You ask why? Because they do  not require a lot of effort to put into, and give amazing results in return.

Doing Planks

Doing Planks

The abdominal muscles provide support for the spinal column and the entire back. They also play a major part in preventing injuries.

But for them to work as they should they must be trained on a daily basis. And in this case, doing planks will do that for you. Your spine will be supported and your core will increase it’s strength.

Here is what is going to happen to your body if you start doing planks every day:

  • Planks are ideal if you want to improve your core performance. Doing planks will improve your core muscle groups. The first group, transvere abdominis, will provide you with the ability to lift heavier weights. The second group, rectus abdominis, will improve your performace in sports. It will also give you the six packs look. The third grou, oblique muscles, will give you the ability to twist your waist and have a stable bend to the sides. And finally, there are the glutes, who support your back.
  • Your risk of spinal column and back injury will decrease. Regular planks workout will provide you with the necessary energy, and will lower the pressure on your hips and spine. It will reduce the back pain, strengthen your muscles and ensure a great support for your back, especially the upper part. This will also lead to an improvement in the posture, for your abdomen muscles will have an effect on the overall condition on your shoulders, chest, neck and back.
  • Doing planks will give you the balance your body needs. This way you will boost your performance in multiple sport activities. Furthermore, you will become more flexible – your shoulders, collarbone and shoulder blades will all be working as they actually should. If you add a little side planks, you can stretch your oblique muscles too. This may even extend your toes, which is significant for a good posture and to support your weight.
  • Not only will it provide you with strength, it will also boost your overall metabolism. You are challenging your entire body and burning more calories than with any other exercise, such as sit-ups or crunches. You will give your body the energy to even burn more calories if you are in a sedentary position (this one is important if you are spending most of your day tied to a desk or in front of a computer). A small amount of exercising, 1-10 minutes a day will give you a better metabolic rate and will ensure you that it will stay all day and all night, while you are sleeping.
  • At last, it will improve your overall mood and provide you with plenty of mental benefits for it acts on the nerves. You will be stretching the muscles in the body that cause stress and nervousness. Sitting for a longer period of time usually does that to you. The planks will not only caml your nerves, they are a great way to deal with depression and anxiety and calm your brain down.

Now all you need to do is take some time out of your day, at least 5-10 minutes and do some planks!