It’s very important what position you get for sleep, because affect your health to. As is important how much hours you sleep also important is position in what you sleep.

The slope of the body during sleep can cause stress and strain on the spine, neck, shoulders, hips and even the jaw, which affects how you feel the next day. Therefore locate the most beautiful position and sleep peacefully.

Sleeping Positions

Sleeping Positions

For fatigue you feel after sleeping you can blame the hard bed or pillow. Perhaps this is the problem, but often the problem occurs due to incorrect posture during sleep.

It is important, as you can choose the correct position for sleep. During selection, keep in mind these three curves of your body: one of the lower back, mid-back and one around your neck. Your goal is to keep the natural curves and during sleep.

Here are 9 Positions that can Determinate how Healthy you Are

  1. Lower back pain

Regard to Brandon Berman sleep research expert, stomach sleeping position is the worse positions. That position can bring you to the pain in the lower back.

Night on the stomach, head turned to the side, and hands entwined under a pillow. The problem of this position is that this position too is stretched neck and put pressure the nerves in his hands.

The weight of your body presses lungs believes in cycles of deep exhalation and inhalation, and thus unnecessarily squeezing chest.

Sleeping on your stomach is considered the worst position of the above because the spine is in an awkward position and can cause pain in the lower back. Also, turning your faces all night in an unnatural position and can cause immense pain in his back and shoulders.

  1. Neck pain

Also neck pain can be caused from stomach sleeping position. Your neck is twisted to the right or left and that can bring to discomfort in the cervical joints of the neck.

  1. Shoulder pain

This pain is originated from sleeping on one side too long. You must switch to other position through sleeping. Because all your weight falls to one side and causes pain in that shoulder.

  1. Better circulation

Berman explains that side sleeping is very healthy for the heart. Researches show that side sleepers have more healthy heart and better circulation. Doctors recommend sleeping on left side during pregnancy because it improves circulation to the heart and is in favor of the mother and baby.

This position is healthiest position for sleep. It coincides with the natural distortion of the spine. The position you can improve if you put a pillow between your knees. This way you relax your hips. For supporting the head use medium high pillow. Try and water cushion which can be simply adjusted.

  1. Wrinkles

If you sleep on your back you can have clearer and youthful, less wrinkly skin. The problem with back sleeping is that language can fall in and block the air ducts, therefore this position is not good for people who suffer from sleep apnea. Also, those who sleep on their backs are more prone to snoring.

  1. Spinal alignment

Sleeping on the back can reduce proper alignment for the back and neck. Back sleeping is the best sleeping position.

  1. Overall Well being

For overall health best potion is sleeping on your side. It takes pressure of the hips and lower back better that other position.

  1. Brain health

Side sleeping is the best position for brain health. It lowers the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

  1. Breathing problems

According Dr. Carol Ash, director of sleep medicine at Meridian Health New Jersey, sleeping on your stomach can cause breathing problems and respiratory issues. With sleeping on the back breathing is easier.