Today we are about to share with you some shocking news! NASA has officially confirmed that the Earth will be under total darkness for the following fifteen days, within the period from the 15th of November until the 29th of November.

The astronomers from NASA have officially confirmed this. The darkness will start happening from 3 AM on the 15th and will end on the 30th, at 4.45 PM.

Shocking News

Shocking News

The cause of this quite unusual astronomical event is between the planets Jupiter and Venus.

The head of NASA, Charles Bolden, who was appointed by the President of the United States Barrack Obama, issues a massive document concerning this particular subject, and the document was about 1000 pages long.

Bolden furthermore attended a conference on which he explained with great details this peculiar darkness event. The blackout was thoroughly discussed and according to his knowledge, we will not experience any major changes, except maybe a slight change in the temperature, it may increase a bit.

But, the polar cap, will definitely be affected. This is an event which is compared to what the Alaskan people have experienced during the winter time.

Bolden made a little joke about this, because the only experience we might get from all of this will be that everyone will get a Black Friday, literally.

However, going fifteen days straight without any light is a pretty pong period, and who knows what might happen then! What is your opinion? Would you think people from all over the world can survive fifteen days in total darkness?

We are certain that some of them will be scared, some more than the other, but still, it is a long way to go. We hope that it will not cause any damage or serious consequences. Other than that, it should all go perfectly fine.