This will probably come to you as a surprise, but the shape of a persons face can tell you a lot about their personality. According to some face reading experts, most people do not have a distinct face shape.

But some people have an oval or square or even round shape which you can recognize very easily.It may not sound much real to you, but there is a lot of science behind it.

Shape of your Face

Shape of your Face

The technique of reading the face by its shape is based on a 3000 years old study on the Chinese medicine. Not only can the shape of your face reveal your character, but it can also reveal your overall approach on life.

Interestingly, your face is a map – of your entire life as well as your personality. So this is why, in addition we give you six shapes of a face and what they can reveal to you.

  • Oval shape – this shape is characterized by a wide forehead and a jaw which is narrower than the cheekbones. The face kinda tapers down and the cheekbones are prominently visible. The person who has this face shape knows how to use the right words in any given situation, and knows how to make someone feel good, comfortable and welcome. Sometimes, they are even caught up in saying all the right things, and they care what the other people think about them.
  • Diamond or triangle shape – this is a shape that is also known as the pear shape. It is most commonly wide at the jawline and narrows down at the forehead. It makes up a bony face and is not that common in comparison to the other shapes. These people want to be in charge more than anything else. They are often very successful and the narrower the forehead, the more they want to control things.
  • Round shape – you will probably guess yourself, the length and the width of this face are the same. It is also recognizable by an extensive jawline. The face is also very wide at the cheeks. These people are very generous, kind, giving and people’s person. These people also put the needs of their partners first, and they often attract self centered people and are often not happy with their relationships. But, eventually you will stop making other people priorities.
  • Square shape – people who have a wide jaw line and hairline. The jawline, forehead and cheekbones are all the same. These people are thought to have an analytical mind. They are usually in charge of big projects.
  • Heart shape – these people tend to have a pointy chin too. The entire face tapers towards the chin. And when it comes to the forehead, it’s broad and prominent. These people certainly have a great power within them. They pursue each and every one of their goals. They are also very creative and tend to have strong intuition. If they are determined, they can be very very pushy.
  • Long shape – this face seems to be just a bit longer than the usual, and stretched from the chin to the forehead. A notable chin is also a part of this face form. These people want things to be done in their own particular way. They are detail oriented. They are precise and possess excellent communication skills. They are quality workers, but it you are too harsh with the, they can be very sharp with their words towards you.

It may be a little difficult for you to determine the shape of your face, but a detailed examination will help you determine it. If you have trouble with it, tell a neutral person to determine your face shape for you.