We live in a society where almost every abnormality is considered to be a disease. And people are serious about it.

Many of the diseases of today’s world have not been considered to be diseases in the first place before. And this is why, today we are going to reveal to you one of those 21 century medical condition that is absolutely true.

Serious Disease

Serious Disease

Have you ever heard about the term misophonia? Well, it is a little less known psychiatric disorder which is literally out there in the world, and a lot of people are suffering from it too.

You probably already know someone who has it. This disease occurs when someone gets extremely distressed from hearing certain sounds.

The word misophonia roughly translated means hatred towards sounds, but, it only refers to certain kind of sounds, not all of them of course.

Basically, you will know that someone suffers from this disease when you see them getting annoyed or angry at someone who chews very loud, or when they hear someone slurping..you know, those kind of sounds.

Even though you may think now that this is not important, believe us, this is a real thing. Some people are really struggling with this disease, to a point that they cannot even go out of their homes and eat in a restaurant, or simply walk down the street because they just might stumble across a random person that chews very loudly.

This is when they go into full distress. When they hear a sound they literally hate, they feel emotional, angry, frustrated and so on.

So, this is something that can affect a relationship or the social life of a person, and should be taken seriously. So, if you happen to stumble upon a person with such disorder, or already know someone who has, please refer them to a special medical person and be a little more careful around the.

It wouldn’t cost you anything, but it would mean a great deal to them.