Few products purification your internal body

First of all the liver is the biggest gland-body in the human body. We can’t live without it so we have to be serious to preserve healthy.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

The best way to have a healthy liver is to consume healthy food such as green vegetables, fruits etc.

Healthy liver- Healthy Body

Liver has the highest number of functions. It helps in regulating the blood sugar, formation of defense protein. It neutralize and eliminate fluid and toxic substances and deposition of vitamins and minerals.

Symptoms of Damage

There are many symptoms that indicate liver dysfunction. Symptoms that commonly occur are chronic fatigue, depression, frequent headaches, insomnia, mood swings, PMS and skin problems.
There are few healthy foods that may help you to detox your liver.

 Dandelion greens

This is widespread herb which contains many vitamins and minerals that are very useful for the liver. She is full with potassium, essential oils, insulin, vitamin C and more iron than spinach.
You can consume it like a juice, tea, syrup and salads in combination with other products.

Healthy Eating


This yellow fruit is not just rich with vitamin C, it contains vitamin B, riboflavin, minerals such as Calhoun, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium. The lemon includes proteins and carbohydrates.

It cleans our blood and improves the body’s ability to throwing out toxins. When we would get rid of toxins, it will first be reflected on your liver, then on your skin.

You can eat it fresh, drink lemon juice, a combination with water and ginger.

Healthy Eating



Well-known bacterial and antiviral activity, the active substances in garlic reduced the level of “bad” cholesterol and raise levels of “good” cholesterol.

Garlic contains sulfur compounds that help in detoxification of harmful metals like mercury and exactly this effect is indirectly responsible for the beneficial effects on the live.

Healthy EatingBeets

Beets contains a little proteins, organic acid, Vitamin C, B, A, E, and minerals Calhoun, calcium, magnesium, iron etc. Beet is recommended with grated carrot, this is a ,,real bomb” for your organism.

Beet contains elements that encourage the work of the intestines and protect and preserve liver. Beet juice has incredible effect on your health. If you consume it often, you are going to feel a drastic improvement on your body and inner health.

It also helps on people with thyroid problems, circulation, anemia and various other disorders.

You can eat it fresh in salads in combination with other vegetables. Other options are drinking beet juice and cooked beet.

Healthy Eating


For this spice is believed that it’s one of the most powerful natural light, because of the ingredient curcumin that is contained.

His strong antioxidant effect, anti-inflammatory and antiviral activity makes therapy and prevents many malignant diseases, allergies, diabetes, arthritis.

Turmeric cleans liver in natural way because contains all that vitamins and minerals that liver needs.You can use in every meal, like a tea and it goes well with other combination.

Healthy Eating


Тhese well-known red berries are rich with fructose, acids, flavonoids, etc. Cranberries arе helpful for destruction of kidney infection. It also works for purifying your digestion system and your liver.

You can make tea, juice and you can eat it fresh or dried.

Healthy Eating


Broccoli is incredible vegetable that prevents our health, and fight against many diseases. It’s rich with vitamin A, K, B, C, minerals and fiber and phytochemicals.

The presence of vitamin C, sulfur and certain amino acids in broccoli, makes an excellent means to detoxify the body.

Healthy Eating

They help to remove free radicals and toxins from the body and purify the blood.

If they are cooked by steaming, contain the most nutrients.