Believe it or not, salt water can bring great benefits. Positive ions of the salt are negative ions bind to water and thus water is not just simple water and salt is not only salt.

Scientists agree that a cup of salted water gives extremely favorably affects to the human body. It’s pure sip detoxification that helps the body to regenerate. The warm water speeds up metabolism, regulates blood sugar levels, affect the strengthening of bones and immunity, as well as varicose veins.

Salt Water

Salt Water

Also, there is a trick – the water should be salted natural with pure sea salt. In that case it’s healthy and effect is guaranteed.When your throat is sore appear inflammation called edema.

These swellings filled with water and bacteria. Bacteria are what you ill. When gargling, salted water reaches the back of the throat where it can attack swelling and dehydrates them.

When the salt dehydrates it takes edema fluid from the swelling. Bacteria can’t survive without liquid, so it dies.If you suffer from sore throat (sore throat) and want to try to heal this way, you should use warm water.

Fill a tumbler with warm water, add1 teaspoon salt and mix well. Make gargle with salt water, which is in the cup. The longer you gargle better.

If you have a sore throat you should do gargle at least four times a day. In more serious sore throat gargle should do more often. Also you should consult with your doctor to make sure that you don’t have strep throat.

Salt water is recommended remedy for cough, runny nose and mild forms of sinusitis, concluded several studies. It is used most often in the form of a nasal wash that remove the still there secretions and relieve breathing through the nose.

One study aimed to show how salt water improves health, involved 400 volunteers who complained of fever and sore throat. For a period of time they are treated with salt water.

At the end of the prescribed period experiment it became clear that by gargling with salt water, administered three times a day, 40% of participants prevent possible occurrence of respiratory infections. What we already mentioned, seawater also can’t be underestimated as an alternative remedy for various conditions.

For example, except for the treatment of sinusitis, it is especially effective for prevention of the nasal cavity and the mucous membrane. At the same time it relieves chronic headaches, which is one of the main prerequisites for the emergence of sinusitis.

The lungs are also affected positively by interaction with salt water. Through it becomes easier secretion of phlegm and bile secretions accumulated in the body with the use of tobacco products or following an illness.

Besides natural rinsing with salt water, which we even involuntarily subjected during our vacation at the seaside, saltwater solution can be done at home or bought saline from pharmacies.

So far there is no evidence and cases where the application of the treatment in salt water have led to more serious health problems while the benefits of this therapy have been repeatedly confirmed.

Salt water: keeps pH balance in the mouth, it fights with candidiasis, cleans the mouth, provides relief from sore throat, you will get rid from bad breath, heals and prevent oral infections, helps with toothache.

Here we will present you how salt water also can help you:

  • Detoxification

It is a cup whose contents antibacterial effect. Within seven days, the salt water will expel toxins from the body and get rid of excess bacteria that harm your body.

  • Bone health

Very popular theory is that the mineral alkali salt positively affects to the bone problems, especially those who have problems with osteoporosis.

  • Disappearance of Insomnia

Minerals Salt can calm the nervous system. So if you have problems with insomnia, cup of this, beneficially affect this problem.

  • Hydration

If you drink only water for hydration of the body, it can unnecessarily retain liquid. Water and sea salt is one of the best ways to enable your body the necessary hydration.

  • Regenerates skin

If you want your skin to keep the gentle glare, salt cup water and be sure, the skin will shine.

  • Good digestion

Salt water is guaranteed and lasting solution for your digestive tract because she raises enzymes that speed up digestion.