Most of the women try different foot creams and lotions to make their feet softer, smoother, and more attractive. However, many of these creams are not the safest option.

In order to provide your feet with a proper care, you should use only moisturizing vitamin lotions and creams that are pharmaceutically approved. One of the most recommended products for treating dry feet and cracked heels is the salicylic acid.


This acid is considered to be effective in nourishing your feet. Nevertheless, the usage of this acid can have an effect that is quite the opposite from the desired one.

The following video demonstrates how the salicylic acid can damage your feet.

The woman in this video decided to apply salicylic acid on her feet, hoping that they would become softer and smoother. However, the final results turned out to be far different from the expected ones.

Check this video and see how her feet looked the morning after applying salicylic acid.