The facial skin is the ornament of every woman. Cherished and healthy skin is something to which all women aspire, from the earliest age.

It is wrong to nurture your skin after you notice the first signs of aging, it needs to be nurtured even when entering in puberty, because from then all changes begin. By growing and maturing sometime after 25 – year of life will appear wrinkles on the face, which are not favorite thing to women.

Sagging Facial Skin

Sagging Facial Skin

The appearance of wrinkles on the facial skin is different in each individual. Unwanted wrinkles are caused by genetic factors, the food that enters the body, the daily amount of water which enters, on regular and timely sleep, physical activity throughout the day and many other factors.

Despite the expensive cosmetics and treatments that do not always know how to produce tangible results, there are also home remedies that have proven their performance and effectiveness.

Apart from artificial creams, the natural creams that are home prepared, because the natural ingredients of which they are made hydrated, nourished, smoothed, reduce the aging process and releases the skin from wrinkles.

With our anti-wrinkle cream, if normal daily applied to the skin in just one week wrinkles will become your past and you will be pleased with your youthful appearance.

The magic of this home cream lies in the simple preparation as well as natural ingredients.

The cream anti-wrinkle suits all skin types.

Why all ingredients that we use in the cream are so beneficial?

  • Cucumbers – Antioxidants such a vitamin C and K which cucumber contains will restore a skin on a natural way. The most important ingredient is silica.
  • Egg white – have ability to tighten skin.

To prepare this cream you need to cut the cucumber in a half and sliced it on small pieces. But first you need to peel it. Put the cucumber in a blender and blend it.

Then place a strainer over a bowl and you need to apply pulps onto the strainer and drain the juice into the bowl.

-After that add 1 egg white and mix it together with the juice.

You can use this mixture to the body parts that need tightening. Left it 15 minutes and then wash it with warm water. You can use mask once or twice per week.