Small warts are benign skin growths that look like tiny, soft bubbles hanging on the skin. They are harmless, so many of us want to remove them because they are mostly found on awkward places.

They do not look nice because they are located in places that really bother us.They do not hurt and are not dangerous but warts are something that everyone would like to release.

Removing Warts

Removing Warts

Usually they grow on some nasty places like the hands, feet or neck, and clearly see why you feel uncomfortable.

Anyone who has or had a skin growth is asking numerous questions such as: whether it can be removed safely? Whether to visit a dermatologist or plastic surgeon? Will it stay scar after the removal?

Most of the people in the past, so and now, with growths on the skin are speaks to barefoot doctor where they burned or coated skin changes all over with a liquid in which they fell.

If the change was a mole and was not recognized at that moment, after some time and after a bad treatment it was transformed into a malignant skin cancer, melanoma.

In fact that’s the myth that rules among the people, that we shouldn’t remove the outgrowth from our skin. Which way is the easiest way to remove skin outgrowth? When we will finally decide to remove the outgrowth from our skin, first we must visit a dermatologist.

He must make an examination to estimate the outgrowth, and the same to be analyzed and documented by taking a photo with computer dermatology.

At the end the material is being analyzed under a microscope. This way all the criteria for safety on your health have been preserved so that you won’t be in danger.

One of the advanced technologies for removing skin outgrowths is the radio wave technology, which in the last years takes a leading place in the correction dermatology.

Because the removing process is not so deep, usually it leaves no scars on the treated area. But the persons who are keen on creating keloids or rough scars have a bigger risk to have a scar, so that all depends on the natural gene we are caring.

However the warts can be removed by a doctor or at home. If you decide for a home medication, you can make that with a simple ingredient, that every home has it in the kitchen: and that’s the apple acid.

That’s all you need, to remove your warts without bleeding and without scars. You can apply it several times every day, until the wart gets dry and falls itself.

With vinegar you will painlessly remove the wart, without fear that will remain some scars. Just apply on the patch a few drops of apple cider vinegar and paste the patch of previously cleaned wart.

Change the patch every day, so every time you clean the wart, and apply a new patch that you are again putting apple cider vinegar. If you regularly and daily do this, the wart should disappear for 5 days, if necessary, continue the treatment.