The more you know from ancient alternative healing, the more is good for you. If there is no cure for our pain, illness, we are forced to ask for medicine and alternative.

The best time to imagine is when your body is relaxed, and that time is before you go to bed or in the morning when you wake up. Reflexology leads you in deep relaxation and rest for that some people believe that looks like hypnosis.

Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

Reflexology of feet, hands, face and ears is a natural non-invasive therapy. With slight pressure on reflex points that correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body releases stress and tension, improves circulation and immunity and thus restores the body to a state of homeostasis.

15 000 of nerves in our body is in our feet. That’s why reflexology is so important.

Reflexology is physical activity during which are pressed some points of your feet and hands with thumbs and fingers without any creams and lotions.

In world history reflexology has been rediscovered as a time to strengthen health. There are archaeological evidences in Egypt (2330 BC), China (2704 BC) and Japan (690 BC) who suggest reflexology as a medical system.

The body is reflected through the feet and hands. Left foot / hand reflects the left sight by the body and right foot / hand reflects the right sight by the body.

Toes and hands reflect reflex of the head and neck and internal organs. The part of the foot below the toes are the lungs and upper back as the heart.

Appetite and thirst is controlled by hypothalamus area of brain, what’s outside of big toe. Metabolism is regulated with thyroid, or bottom of big toe.

Stress is reduced with solar plexus/ diaphragm, which is under ball of foot. Water retention is realized with stimulating the urinary system.

Adrenaline glands help to burn off the calories.

Assessment using a reflexology is performed during stress balls are shattered. Stress balls are the parts of the foot and the hand that indicate stress.

Reflexologist should not make a diagnosis and prescribe medication.

Benefits of reflexology are:

  • Affects Disease
  • Improves quality of life
  • Particularly affect the operation of the body
  • This techniques give results instantly
  • This technique specific reflex points affect the body that represents
  • It has been proven that reflexology improves the health of the body.