Hair loss is an issue that many people are dealing with. Men are usually more affected by this problem than women. However, hair loss and thinning hair are also common in women.

This unpleasant issue may occur from different reasons, including genetics, some medical conditions, hormonal changes, or usage of certain medications.

Rapid Hair Growth

Rapid Hair Growth

If you suffer from hair loss, you should try the following natural remedy that will make your hair grow back in a very short period of time.

Guava Leaves Remedy for Fighting Hair Loss

Guava leaves are one of the best natural ingredients that can prevent an occurrence of hair loss. A regular usage of these leaves will help you to successfully overcome this problem.

The guava leaves are a great source of vitamin B which is the most important vitamin for health protection and hair fertility.

In order to use guava leaves for hair growth, you should add a handful of these leaves into a pot of water. Boil the water for about 20 minutes, and leave it to cool down at a room temperature afterward.

You should use this mixture as a tonic when you wash your hair. Apply the mixture on your hair, and massage your scalp and the root of your hair with it for several minutes.

Before washing it off, you should leave it to stay on your hair for a few hours. For best results, you can wrap your hair with a towel or put a shower cap on your head after applying this mixture.

Let it stay overnight, and wash it off the following morning. The usage of this mixture will strengthen the hair follicles and the root of your hair, and it will make your hair grow very rapidly.