As girls grow, they increasingly their struggle with the think what to do with hairs from the intimate zone. Hairs in the intimate zone are big problem for every girl and women.

There are a lot of different opinions about this subject. Some think that shaving pubic hair is very harmful, but from the other side intimate zone looks more clean and more beautiful.

Pubic Hair

Pubic Hair

Removing the hair from the intimate zone is sometimes quite tricky, especially when you will cut or when you make a subcutaneous fibers.

According one study, 23% of all women over 18 years, use the razor to remove their pubic hair. Shaving is consisted of 5 simple steps: cropping of hairs with scissors, wash with water, rubbing lotion, shaving and then nourishing creams.

Here are Some Reasons Why you Not Shave your Pubic Hair

  • Horrible Rashes

Shaving the pubes can be very difficult because its shape. You need to do it very carefully because you will end with rashes.

This ejection occurs most often because you shaved quickly without using a proper cream, razor, or you removed hair in the wrong direction.

Solution: Apply moisturizer on painful spots or a little baby powder. If it’s possible at least one hour a day try to walk around only in cotton underwear that will not irritate the skin.

  • Risk of infection

If you ever ask yourself why you have pubic hair here we will tell you. Her role is to keep you safe from the infections. When you shave her you can end with horrible infection or bacteria.

  • You can catch herpes easier

Pubic hair also protects you from molluscum contagiosum, genital warts, and even herpes.

  • Subcutaneous fiber

Sounds familiar? It’s those small fibers instead grow normally gather under your skin and make acne.

Solution: whatever you do don’t ever try to apply force because it can easily get an infection. Instead every day apply the coatings in hot water in places where you have these pimples and leave skin soft. If you constantly have the same problem regularly apply the peeling of the skin during the week in order to clear dead cells.

  • Cut by razor

When you do shaving in a hurry or because of bad razor. All at least once in life fail to cut them down there.

Solution: stop everything you are doing and immediately take good mirror to see where you cut. Once you have found the place press it with pure cotton for 5 minutes until the bleeding stops. Then apply a bandage.