Unhappiness is a disposition which is acquired through your choices about how you live your life. This condition comes from your own thoughts and behavior, and not from the unfortunate events that occur in your life.

Your life’s circumstances have little to do with your happiness because this state is entirely under your control. Your happiness is determined by your habits.

Prevent You from Being Happy

Prevent You from Being Happy

Being unhappy can affect every aspect of your life, which is why you need to identify the thoughts and deeds that prevent you from living a happy and healthy life. Here are 6 habits that can cause unhappiness.

Making the Problems Bigger

When there is an occurrence of an unpleasant situation, an unhappy person always finds a way to make it worse. Instead of fixing the problem, they tend to overreact and to see the things even more negatively than they actually are. If you encounter a difficulty, you should look at it from an objective perspective and focus on the solution.

Holding Grudges

Holding a grudge will never enable you to be truly happy. Even though it can be quite difficult to move on when someone betrays or hurts you, you shouldn’t allow your negative experiences to affect your future. In order to be happy, you should try to forgive, forget, and move forward despite your past hardship.

Being Critical

The unhappy people are overly critical of themselves and the others. They tend to criticize everything around them, regardless of whether the others agree with them or not.

They love to antagonize and to voice their opinion, and they believe that they are always right. In order to break this habit, you should avoid engaging yourself in negative self-talk. Instead, you need to identify your mistakes and to accept them.

Also, you should acknowledge the differences of the others and respect their right to live happily without any criticism or judgment.

Having an Addiction

Many people tend to search for a way in which they can forget about their sadness and anger, which commonly leads to developing addictive habits. Depending on drugs, alcohol, gambling, or other vices can only worsen your emotional state.

In order to prevent these addictions from becoming uncontrollable, you should find an activity or entertainment that wouldn’t cause you any harm.

Living beyond Means

The unhappy people tend to spend too much time and money acquiring new things. Even though buying new products can provide you with a temporary emotional boost, the material things cannot make you happy.

The purchase of expensive items can lead to regret and disappointment. These things don’t last forever and they cannot promise you a more fulfilling life.

Instead of seeking material objects, you should focus on things that will bring you satisfaction without any debt, such as trying new hobbies or spending time with your loved ones.


Gossiping is a trait possessed by insecure and unhappy individuals. When someone is unsatisfied with their own life, they tend to shift their focus to the lives of the others.

They are constantly trying to find negative things about other people in order to make themselves feel better. If you want to be happy, you should pay attention to the positive things in your life, instead of bringing the others down.