Butter is a dairy product obtained by separating the fat from fresh, mostly cow’s milk or cream, but it can also be derived from sheep, goat or buffalo milk. In India and some countries in Africa are getting milk from a zebu (also known as “hunchback ox”).

The butter is an emulsion of water and milk. The tiny drops of water (phase) is distributed among small drops of fat (in the middle).

Organic Butter

Organic Butter

Otherwise, if you did not know, cream also is a kind of emulsion between oil and water, only in this case, drops of water dispersion environment, while drops of oils are dispersion phase (back than that of butter).

Butter is light yellow, but can also be a darker shade, which depends primarily on the quality of milk. The color is easily corrected with the help of food colors, often with carotene.

In butter salt, preservatives, flavorings can be added. The world markets sell butter with various additives such as cocoa, honey, vanilla, sugar.

Here we will present you very simple recipe that would make homemade butter for 3 minutes. You need only two ingredients and mixer.

To make home butter you will need sea salt and 2 cups organic heavy cream.First pour the cream in to food processor and leave it about 10 minutes.

Continue processing it until he turns grainy and separate into butter and butter milk. Then you must drain the buttermilk from butter.

Then you must scrape butter from his sides, put it in a bowl and place butter into colander and strain off the butter milk. Rinse the butter with clean cold water.

When you clear the butter squeeze the liquid from him with wooden paddles. You can keep the butter in a freezer in a jar or bowl. You can keep it for several months on a cold place.