The anxiety can actually be very harmful and it should not be overlooked. The biggest problem about it is that people cannot understand its effects it might have on a person, and people usually find this person to be irresponsible, lazy or passive.

Well, for those of you who are not anxious people, reading this will help you understand anxiety a bit more. But if you are, we are certain you’re going to agree with our points here.

watch Only People With Anxiety

Only People With Anxiety

  1. buy finasteride cream Reject invites even though you want to go – there are some days that you have planned everything, but when that day comes, the anxiety takes up everything. It can be so powerful that you will lose your energy to go out. You are aware that this is happening to you, so you just don’t want to become a burden wherever you planned on going. This is why you cancel everything.
  2. purchase Seroquel online Fall asleep late, wake up early – one of your biggest issues is sleeping. You can’t seem to fall asleep, and when you finally do, you can’t have a decent amount of it. So, when the morning comes, your inner anxiety alarm goes off, and there is nothing you can do about it, so you wake up, even though you’re exhausted.
  3. No matter the situation, your mind always jumps to the worst scenario – instead of enjoying every moment, you can’t help but picture the worst scenario. For an example, if it’s a first date, you are certain that something will go wrong. If you get sick, you imagine the worst thing possible. You feel like your mind tricks you into thinking that everything will go wrong.
  4. Replaying conversations in your head constantly – no matter how good a conversation went for you, you keep thinking that you might have said something wrong. This is why you avoid confronting people in the first place. This constant rewind will haunt you until it creates a hole on the inside. This is why you continuously need to remind yourself that it’s only the anxiety talking and you probably said or did nothing wrong.
  5. If someone shows concern about you, you start concerning about it even more – if someone thinks that you are not okay, your anxiety grows. The thing is, when someone asks about your state, you fear about it even more. You think that is has become worse than evenr and that it’s starting to show on the outside.
  6. You think that you’ve done something wrong if someone does not reply to your text right away – when you are communicating with someone, and they don’t reply right away, you think that you’ve done something wrong. However, you might wanna think about the fact that they could be busy or just bad at texting.
  7. When the topic of future comes up, you have a breakdown – while most of the people look forward to and make plans for the future, that topic freaks you out. By having to experience the frightfulness of the present, you can’t even imagine how difficult the future would be, and this is why the sole thought fightens you.
  8. You compare your success to that of the people your age – social media keeps you updates with the success of other people, making you feel worried that you are never going to succeed as much as they have.
  9. You beat yourself up over every mistake you make – this goes especially for mistkes at the work place. No one is perfect and people do make mistakes, but becauce your anxiety does not know that, you strive towards perfection and beat yourself up over every detail you get wrong.
  10. Some days you even feel so mentally exhausted that you can’t get out of bed – anxiety takes up most of your energy, to that point that you cannot get out of bed and want to leave yourself drowning in your own sheets. This kind of paralysis comes from the overwhelming experience that is the anxiety.