Prepare this coating at night and place it on your feet just before going to bed. Presently let the coating on to work throughout the night.

The coating is antibacterial and it improves the blood flow. Therefore this coating will help you launch every one of the toxins from your body.



The key element of this coating is the onion. Through the skin, the onion enters deeply into the circulation system and that way it decontaminates the blood.

With a specific end goal to set up this coating, first you have to cut the onion into thin slices and wait for a couple of minutes, or until the onion juice shows up on the onion cuts. At that point put these onion slices on your feet.

Next you have to wrap your feet in a transparent foil and after that you have to put on some thick socks.If you want to warm your feet, so you can put on some wool socks.

The foil will keep this coating steady and lightly connected to your feet. The best thing is that you don’t need to worry over any unpalatable odors, in fact, there won’t be any.

If your skin is excessively sensitive to onions, then you have to apply some oily cream or almond oil on your feet, before setting this coating.In the morning when you wake up, remove your socks and expel the covering.

At that point wash your feet with cold water and afterward put on some wool socks to warm your feet. Now your blood will start to circulate very fast. This treatment is particularly helpful for the individuals who have diabetes and poor blood flow.

This strategy is recommended for the individuals who have medical issues, additionally is helpful for healthy people. You should likewise apply this coating when you have influenza, pneumonia and fever.