How would you feel about challenging yourself? Today we are going to share with you a challenge that has been done by a lot of people from all over the world, which will definitely help you improve your body shape.

If you want to strengthen the middle part of your body, the most important exercise that you have to do are the planks. If you are exercising, especially if you are a beginner, you might think they are not that important and skip them at first.

New Body

New Body

But the truth is, planks will melt down the fat from the stomach, strait the outer and inner muscles of your body’s upper part and back, the legs, hands, and the buttock’s muscles. They are very similar to the push-ups.

The muscles are contracting in such a way that would not make them any wider nor shorter. They will only be strengthened from the inside, making them stronger.

So, this would be a challenge made of slow increase of the time you will be spending on the planks within a period of four weeks.

You should start with 20 seconds, and the ultimate goal you have to reach is four minutes. When you’re in your final stage you will notice that your body will be prepared for new difficulties.

You are aware that in order to perform your daily tasks and activities, you need an upright position of the body. When you get on the ground, the position is that when you are on your toes and elbows, your upper body part should be in a straight line.

Try to maintain the straight line with deep breaths, and make a balance by pushing up your buttocks muscles, and splitting your weight on your elbows and legs. After achieving this position, all you need to do is take up the 28 day challenge to make your body better.

Here is the Challenge

  • DAY 1-20 sec
  • DAY 2-20 sec
  • DAY 3- 30 sec
  • DAY 4- 30 sec
  • DAY 5-40 sec
  • DAY 6-rest
  • DAY 7-45 sec
  • DAY 8-45 sec
  • DAY 9 60 sec
  • DAY 10-60 sec
  • DAY 11-60 sec
  • DAY 12- 90 sec
  • DAY 13- rest
  • DAY 14-90 sec
  • DAY 15-90 sec
  • DAY 16- 120 sec
  • DAY 17-120 sec
  • DAY 18-150 sec
  • DAY 19- rest
  • DAY 20- 150 sec
  • DAY 21-150 sec
  • DAY 22-180 sec
  • DAY 23-180 sec
  • DAY 24- 210 sec
  • DAY 25-rest
  • DAY 26-210 sec
  • DAY 27-240 sec
  • DAY 28- keep up as much as you can

For the first 20 seconds you will notice the planks are a really difficult exercise. If you want to strengthen some other parts of your body, there are some other exercises you can do. The techniques for every exercise are same, all you need to do is rise the number.