Narcissists are individuals who have a very high opinion of themselves and who would do anything to get what they want. They expect the others to revolve around their needs and desires, even though they refuse to do the same for anyone else.

These people tend to use the others for their own advantage. They selfishly strive to achieve great success and power, which is why they are very manipulative, sly, and deceitful.

Narcissists Use to Manipulate

Narcissists Use to Manipulate

In order to remove yourself from a narcissist’s influence and to protect your emotional well-being, you have to be aware of their manipulative and exploitative behavior. Here are 6 ways in which the narcissists can try to manipulate you.

They are aggressive

The narcissists have aggressive behavior. They may employ everything from subtle threats to physical violence. Most commonly, their aggression is psychological in nature.

They are usually very critical, intimidating, and threatening in order to make you feel afraid. They like to control your behavior and to pressure you into doing the things they want.

Also, they may try to keep you away from your friends and family or to assault you verbally because it makes them feel powerful and controlling.

They downplay your achievements

When you first meet a narcissist, they can be quite charming and likable. They tend to compliment you on everything, making you believe that you are exactly how they wanted you to be.

However, then they start to hate the things that they once said they loved about you. They begin to devalue your accomplishments to manipulate you into thinking that you have to be better so that you can regain their favor and please them.

They talk only about themselves

The narcissists talk only about things that are related to them. They like to be the center of attention and they believe that everything should be about them.

Therefore, they are never listening to you. When you try to change the subject of the conversation, they will immediately switch the topic back to themselves, pretending that they didn’t hear what you said.

However, they won’t tolerate if you cut them off when they are speaking.

They blame you for everything

The narcissists believe that they are flawless, so if you accuse them of doing something, they will guilt you into thinking that everything is your fault. Regardless of what the facts or situation might be, they will always blame you for their bad behavior.

They play the victim

A narcissist loves pretending to be a victim in order to get more attention, consolation, and pity from the others. They can make you believe that they are in trouble because when you feel sorry for them, you are more likely to do the things they want.

They use this tactic to justify their terrible behavior and to make you even more prone to manipulation.

They use triangulation

A narcissist believes that they are always right, and, in order to prove that, they tend to involve a third person who is already convinced to support them. The other person is brought in to make you believe that your thoughts on the matter are incorrect.

You can avoid this situation only if you bring witnesses of your own who are willing to take your side.