This definitely sounds like a story from a Marvel comic, but it’s not, it is true. One controversial Russian scientist Anatoli Brouchkov, has been injecting himself with bacteria that is 3.5 million years old, and to be more astounding, he stated that this is a bacteria that will lead him to an eternal life!

A healthy body resists time better than it did before!

The head of the Geocryology Department at the Moscow State University has not succumbed under any illness for the past two years, and this is when he first stated experimenting on himself, states the media.

This three and a half million old bacteria goes under the name Bacillus F, is believed to be the key ingredient for longevity in humans. Once the researchers from Russia unlocked the DNA, it was tested on both mice and human cells.

However, this mad scientist decided to make himself the guinea pig and taste the bacteria on himself. He claims that the results of it are – a stronger and a healthier body that resists time better than it did before.

But, what is the secret behind this bacteria? Well, first of all, the bacteria Bacillus F managed to survive for millions of years in the arctic tundra of Siberia, which is known to be one of the most extreme places on Earth.

As the global warming spreads all over Siberia, making the permafrost melt, is the one thing that is believed to have the bacteria spread all over the natural environment and getting into the water supplies of the local populations.

Brouchkov also stated that it will pose no danger for him to inject himself with this bacteria because the Yakut people have been digesting this bacteria for a longer period of time now, and they are a race that seems to defy the normal longevity of humans, despite their harsh living conditions.

The scientist told The Siberian Times that he started working longer hours and that he has not suffered from a cold or a flu for two years now.

But of course, as with many scientific discoveries, there is not a clear cut way to determine how something works, and Dr. Brouchkov claims that it is the same in this case too.

Nevertheless, he will continue performing this experiment under close scientific observation, to discover the impact of it and determine any possible side effects.

As he explained in an interview, if we could find a way how this bacteria works, it means we have found a way to extend our lives for a definite amount of time.

This bacteria can also be an integral factor in fertility in humans, not just the longevity, the scientists claim.

The female mice who were injected with this bacteria managed to reproduce long after their usual span of being able to reproduce.

It is claimed from another scientist that this bacteria gives out biologically active compounds throughout its life that activate the immune status of these experimental animals.

Mad Scientist Injected A Million Year Old Bacteria