Liposuction diet is a completely harmless treatment that allows you to lose up to 10 kg in just 10 days without any exercises or food deprivation. This diet was created by Kenan Mandra, a nutritionist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who claims that the best way to rapidly lose weight is to consume foods that are rich in protein, rather than processed foods that are packed with sugar, additives, and artificially synthesized hormones, which are the leading cause of obesity among the population.

These dietary changes make this method a kind of liposuction that doesn’t require going under the knife.

Liposuction Diet

Liposuction Diet

How Does the Liposuction Diet Work?

The liposuction diet is specifically designed to activate the metabolism of fat. It involves an intake of amino acids which play a key role in the process of losing weight and burning body fat.

The amino acids have an ability to provide your body with energy, trigger an oxidation of the fat tissues, boost the fat metabolism, and eliminate the excess weight.

This diet lasts 10 days, during which you need to consume high-protein foods as well as protein supplements. You should eat healthy protein food sources, such as fish, meat, bacon, cheese, eggs, and milk.

Even though these foods are commonly considered to be responsible for causing weight gain, they can actually help you to maintain a healthy weight due to their ability to provide your muscles with energy and to reduce your appetite.

What Should You Eat During the Liposuction Diet?

Each meal included in the liposuction diet is developed according to the needs of the individuals. The goal of this diet is to determine which foods are appropriate for your body. Here are the food options contained in this diet:

  • For breakfast, you may eat homemade waffles with cinnamon, omelet with cheese and dried meat, chicken salad, zucchini patties, tuna, or different smoothie drinks.
  • For lunch, you should consume chicken burgers, fried chicken, stuffed steak, beef, fried eggplant, salmon, rice, or mushroom cream soup. With this meal, you can also eat a salad made of either olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini or cabbage.
  • Your dessert should be based on fruits because the natural sugar sources cannot be converted into fat.
  • Dinner is the main meal of the liposuction diet. According to Dr. Mandra, the best time to eat dinner is between 6 and 10 p.m. You should consume fish, seafood, steak, or salad.

The beginning is usually the most difficult part of any diet because the sudden change in your eating habits may increase your food cravings. In order to reduce your hunger, you should drink about 2 liters of water on a daily basis.

The intake of water will enhance your energy levels, detoxify your body, increase your metabolic rate, and boost your body’s ability to burn more fat. When you experience any food cravings, you can also eat a cucumber which is excellent for suppressing your appetite.