A woman named Stephanie Smith, age 35, has a little son named Isaiah. No words could describe her joy when she brought him into this world.

But, some time after that, she noticed something happening on the skin of her baby. She could never guess that this might turn into a  total nightmare.

His Skin Was Bleeding

His Skin Was Bleeding

When the baby was only three months old, she notices some form of a red rash on his skin. Each time when Isaiah was exposed to some heavy odors or a perfume the rash would only get worse.

At some point it got so bad that the skin of the baby started rupturing and bleeding. His doctors stated that he has a really bad case of eczema, so they prescribed him an ointment.

Even though at first the rash was beginning to fade, it suddenly became much worse. Isaiah’s body turned red and the rashes got more intense.

It seemed he needed more of the ointment. He got worse, and the doctors could not explain it. His hair started falling out and he became barely responsive of the medications.

Many doctors took a look at him. One of them even told Stephanie that she was poisoning him by breastfeeding him and that she must stop doing that immediately.

After about five months, the skin of the baby starts rupturing heavily and he is taken into the hospital to be treated with steroids. His skin was better after two days of treatments, but the baby was crying all the time, not being able to stand the pain.

He was wrapped in ointment bandages which would keep him safe. The only place where he does not cry is the sink, when he is under water.

Stephanie was in agony. She couldn’t even hug her son because every time his skin got in contact with something else, it would start bursting and discharging.

Desperately, she started searching for a cure on the internet, after finding out that the doctors cannot help her. She saw posts of something called steroid withdrawal and babies with the same condition as her son.

It was then when she found out what was actually happening. She decided to take her son off the steroid treatment because it was just  making him feel worse.

She started making her own natural lotions and ointments. A lemon grass and zinc combination worked perfectly for his skin. He was soon completely free of the inflammation.

Finally, after ten months of treatments with this ointment his skin was brought back to normal. He is now a one year old healthy boy, and the doctors could not believe it.

They were all thinking it was eczema. Stephanie says that she lost his first year and was not able to hug her son, but she is making up for it now. She claims her son is an excellent  huger.

Stephanie is sharing her story in order to help other moms in need. She hopes that with this story she could reach out to all the mothers who are in panic because their children are suffering from the same problem. Don’t worry, just treat your child with natural ointments and it will all be good.