The Himalayan salt derives from the Himalayan mountain range, that stretches out across Asia, from China to Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

Here is some history behind it. Over maybe a hundreds of millions of years ago, these mountains were covered with crystallized sea salt beds, and covered with lava.

Healthiest Salt in the World

Healthiest Salt in the World

Because it has been surrounded by snow and ice all year long, the lava had protected the salt from any pollution, resulting in the creation of the purest form of salt in the world. Now, this salt is manually mined from these places.

Because it is so high in various minerals, its color varies and contains hues of white, red and pink. Because of the natural formation of this salt, the vitamins and minerals within the sodium work perfectly.

The Himalayan salt contains more than 80 elements and minerals and this salt, believe it or not, contains 86% sodium chloride and 14% other minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, bromide, borate, sulfate, fluoride, strontium and bicarbonate).

The Himalayan salt it filled with iodine too, so there is no need for artificial additions. And  even though it consists of the same compounds as the ordinary, refined salt, it contains less sodium per serving.

The high mineral contents in the Himalayan salt make it able to boost the hydration, improve the circulation, lower the blood pressure, prevent goiters, strengthen bones, balance the electrolytes, prevent muscle cramps, absorb more nutrients, dissolve and eliminate sediments in order to eliminate the toxins, balance the pH levels, regulate the content of water in the body and improve the overall metabolism.

Also, this amazing salt will balance your hormones, prevent aging, can eliminate the heavy metals from the body, and also improve the mood. It will furthermore reduce the cravings for food, help the weight loss and sleep, and even increase your libido.

Even though the pink salts are actually sea salts, because they originally are created by a salty body of water,  and yet they are still the purest form of salt in the world. But the commercial form of it is refined and contains less minerals and good nutrients.

This is why this form of salt can contribute to various health issues. But on the other hand, the Himalayan salt will make you feel better, will provide you with numerous health benefits and will help you lead a much healthier lifestyle.

Here is how the Himalayan salt can be of your benefit:

  • Cooking – you can replace the ordinary salt with Himalayan salt in any meal.
  • Air purifiers – to cleanse the air in your home, put a crystal salt lamp in each room.
  • Bathing – if you want to alleviate the pain in your muscles, improve your circulation, and let your skin absorb more than 80 minerals at once, then let yourself enjoy a nice bubble bath filled with the Himalayan salt.
  • Salt slabs – the slabs have an improved taste and mineral content. When heated, they can be used to sear shrimp, vegetables, sliced beef or fish fillets. And when chilled, you can decorate it with fruits, sushi, vegetables, cheese. And when in frozen form, add it to sorbets or desserts.
  • Decoration – finally, the Himalayan salt lamps are perfect decoration for your home, and a healthy choice too.

And at the very end, we are suggesting an extremely healthy and delicious low sodium meat-brining recipe, used more often for poultry and pork. You need three ounces of sea salt, a tablespoon of a citrus zest, a gallon of water and three ounces of sugar, but the last one is optional.

Add all of the ingredients in a pot and let them simmer while stirring constantly until the salt and sugar are dissolved. Then remove it from the heat. Leave it to cool before using it for the brine.

Leave the meat to brine for about 6 hours or so, then strain it. Then leave the meat in the fridge for a couple of hours, and then you can grill it roast it, whatever you want!